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When shy and friendly, 18 year old Maire also known as her nickname "Five" wins a ticket from a cereal box. And not just any ticket, a USWNT special ticket that lets the winner go to their games, train with the team, and even be one of their players for the whole season! When Maire finds out that she is the winner, she decides to turn it down since she is not a "big" fan of soccer.


However, when Maire finds out that she can't turn down such a big opportunity, she decides to join in. Traveling to where the USWNT are training and staying at, she is at first excited and shy to meet them, but is too embarrassed when she can't do anything right, when it comes to soccer and training with the team, playing with the team, or even hanging out with the team (as a normal person). That changes until fellow USWNT players Hope Solo, Lauren Cheney, Amy Rodriguez and a former USWNT coach, Coach April Heinrichs, decided to help train Maire, with the help of Mal Pugh, and the other USWNT players. When Maire sees that being a soccer player isn't an easy job, she then realizes that there is more than just playing soccer in the game than to love it, but it's also the team's socializing efforts, and valuable teamwork, that puts the game in its place.

Started On: 3/25/21 - 6/30/21

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Carter Merritt is dying. And no, not metaphorically. Literally. With only six months left to live, she's supposed to make the most of her time. Though, she has been unable to do so. Instead of doing everything that she has wanted to do, such as surfing or skydiving, she has committed her time to laying on the couch all day, except for when it comes to school and soccer practice. That is, until she was called up for a training camp. She finally is looking forward to the last few months she has left, but the excitement doesn't last long. It's only a matter of time before the team finds out what's happening.


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Ahead of the final matches of the 2019 World Cup, Y/n Lacari (Lack-ar-ee) comes out as non binary, gaining world wide attention from his post on Instagram, and catching the eye of a number of celebrities. One person in Particular, Taylor Swift, responds to Y/n's post in an interview, expressing her support for both Lacari and the team, stating that she can't wait to see them play. The pair finally meet after the semi finals match in France, and things begin to take off from there. Unfortunately, it seems someone is already in the picture, standing in Y/n's way. Y/n G!P, 24 (he/they) Taylor 26 (she/her) *Y/N HAS HAD TOP SURGERY*


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