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Read story Give Me the Initial D.

Author: ScarletNakazato

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 25-09-2022

Status: Writing

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Fanfiction one-shots of the main characters in Initial D, including the girls. Enjoy!

SLOW UPDATES! I'm in university now, but I'll still be posting stories just slower!

(Y/N) - Your Name.
(L/N) - Last Name.
(E/C) - Eye Colour.
(N/N) - Nickname.
(F/C) - Favourite car or colour depending on context.

I don't own Initial D, its plot or its characters. I only made the stories.

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List chapter

Keisuke Takahashi (Lemon) - Lost into the Night

Ryosuke Takahashi (Lemon) - Burning Desire

Takumi Fujiwara (Lemon) - Be My Babe

Takeshi Nakazato (Lemon) - Spark in the Dark

Sayuki (M!Reader Lemon) - Burning Up For You

Mako Sato (M!Reader Lemon) - Breathless Night

Mako Sato & Sayuki (M!Reader Lemon) - Rock Me to the Top

Itsuki Takeuchi - I Need Your Love

Shingo Shoji - Make Up Your Mind

Takeshi Nakazato (Lemon) - All I Want (1K Reader Special!)

Wataru Akiyama - When the Sun Goes Down

Wataru Akiyama (Pt. 2 Lemon) - When the Sun Goes Down

Takeshi Nakazato x Reader x Keisuke Takahashi - Falling Into My Heart

Takeshi's Ending

Keisuke's Ending

Kenji - Lonely Love

Bunta Fujiwara - Wait For You

Koichiro Iketani - Destination Love

Headcanons: Their Favourite Body Part

Goū Hojo (Lemon) - Night Fever

Keisuke Takahashi x Reader x Ryosuke Takahashi (Lemon) - Midnight Lovers

Rin Hojo - Give Me Your Love

Rin Hojo (Pt. 2 Lemon) - Give Me Your Love

Kyoichi Sudo (Lemon) - rEvolution

Ryosuke Takahashi (Male Reader) - Secret Love

Keisuke Takahashi - I Can't Stop Lovin' you

Takumi Fujiwara (Lemon) - Forever Young (7K Reader Special!)

Shingo Shoji (Lemon) - No Control

Ryosuke Takahashi - I Won't Fall Apart (10K Reader Special!)

Shingo Shoji - Rage Your Dream

Takumi Fujiwara - Heartbeat

Keisuke Takahashi - Take My Soul

Headcanons: First Date

Nobuhiko Akiyama - Hi Love

Takeshi Nakazato (ABO AU Lemon) - You Belong To Me

Takeshi Nakazato - Ever and Ever

Keisuke Takahashi - Kiss To Kiss

Keisuke Takahashi - Forever Love Me

Keisuke Takahashi (Pt. 2 Lemon) - Forever Love Me

Ryosuke Takahashi (Lemon) - I Want To Feel You

Keisuke Takahashi (Lime) - Right Now

Shingo Shoji - Gold Night

Headcanons: Hogwarts House Edition