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For Y/n, living in a government facility is all she's ever known. Although she's not alone. Seven boys and seven girls were genetically created to develop a super powered species of people for their countries use as weapons. Secret weapons at that.

All paired up, one boy with one girl they must all train and grow together as a close unit.

Except as the girls reach their thirteenth birthday, each one dies due to some anomaly in their genes. One by one they pass away, all except y/n.

She's different, special and the government officals plan to use her for other purposes. That is until the remaining boys decide to step in and do something about it.

Can they help her?
Will she be free?
May be you like?


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Everyone feels it. The demons, humans, and elementals. . . whether they notice or not, they feel a war brewing, and so does Two. The Demon Days are approaching as the thousand-year seal begins to crumble, and when chaos arises from untimely deaths, Two, an assassin, is thrust into a journey with seven princes. The common goal is to prevent the war by obliterating its source: Daetunos, the king of the demons. But that is easier said than done. Seven princes from different kingdoms, different backgrounds must embark on this quest with her, and the task becomes more difficult when webs of deception and threads of intertwined fate begin to unfurl as she and the princes venture deeper into the past and the reason why they were chosen by destiny to complete this daunting journey. As mingled history, distorted truths, and fabricated masks unveil, Two and the seven princes must carry the future of Kartas on their shoulders as the pendulum of time swings and makeshift alliances begin to collapse. Will the power of teamwork and companionship defeat the upcoming evils, or will tension, deception, and betrayal doom Kartas and them all? *** Date Started: June 8, 2019 Part One Started: June 8, 2019 Part One Ended: July 30, 2020 Part Two Started: August 1, 2020 Arc One Ended: May 5, 2021 Arc Two Ended: July 14, 2021 Arc Three Ended: August 1, 2022 Arc Four Ended: TBA Arc Five Ended: TBA Arc Six Ended: TBA Part Two Ended: TBA *** Story By: Gina Kotinek


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"you're all mine; the hair, the lips, the body, it's all mine." • highest rankings • - #1 in jimin - #1 in pjm - #1 in btsfanfic cover by: @TheChristianChimChim on Wattpad


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Seven members of an elite organisation and one seemingly innocent woman collide and the aftermath leaves them questioning if everything they knew was a lie.


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"𝚆𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚜𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚢 𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚞𝚎𝚜..."


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"I'll marry you when I grow up." The little Prince chimes as he steadies himself to walk on top of an old abandoned log. "You can't. A Prince should marry a Princess, and I'm not a Princess so you can't marry me."She says before resuming back to the coloring book in front of her. With a grunt he hops off the wood. "My mom said I can do whatever I want when im King. And I want to marry you. Simple as that." 02/14/2021 HR : 67# in FanFiction 04/19/2021 HR : 60# in Fanfiction


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❝How old are you❞ jungkook asked. You just put two fingers infront of him. ❝2!?❞he asked with a frown. ❝T-twenty❞you said nervously after shaking your head as *NO* ❝I used to mentally laugh at your dad whenever he calls you baby..... until I meet you❞ he said with a chuckle. ❝And here you are......actually a baby❞ you heard him again. ❝D-don't call me baby.....I'm m-mature❞ you said with angry pout. He smiled at your cuteness. ❝Cupid did an amazing job......cause you are my baby......My baby wife❞ he said snuggling his face in the crook of your neck. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A story about a cold Mafia business man finding a cute, clumsy and sweet girl as a life partner. A story about how an arrange marriage turn into love. A story about how an innocent angel become the devils breathing and heartbeat. A story filled with cliché and cringy stuffs like poor, weak, sweet girl with cold rude heartless millionaire and of course Hot Guy. 🔞Different different warning for slightly smut and fully smut Read at your own risk⚠ 💋English is not my first language. Nor I'm an experienced writer. So please don't comment something judgemental. 💋BUT You're always welcome to provide suggestions. Please be nice to everyone, it doesn't cost anything. Cover designed by ✨its_pihu1997✨ Story concept by ✨zarabunny97✨ About plot writing, editing and story line, all the rights reserved to @swaeg001 Started: 31st December, 2020 Finished: 10th October, 2021 ✨Achievement: #1 in btsjk #1 in btsff #1 in watty #1 in agony #1 in btsboys #1 in btsarmy #1 in btsfanfic #1 in fanclub #1 in arrangedmarriage #1 in maturethemes #2 in btsscenarios #3 in jeongguk #3 in lovestory #3 in btssmut #3 in jimin #5 in taehyung #8 in Rude [✨I'm definitely happy with this✨]


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Y/n has been tested and held captive in a lab for 4 years, she's what the doctors call a "complete hybrid", she's different from the others that sprout tails and ears. She finally escapes but is being hunted down by the same people who created her. What happens when the very person that experimented on y/n takes an odd an obsessive interest in her? What happens when she finds an odd hiding spot, as a young mans pet? *This story contains cursing, violence(a lot), and maybe a little tiny bit of smut*