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____ neesita ayuda conoce a los Gemeliers jeje

mas caliente k un chorro de agua hirviendo jajajajaj
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Benji is a normal college student with a lot of attitude and a mouth that sometimes just doesn't know how to stop running. His best friend has his own type of lifestyle that he doesn't want to be involved, well that is until he goes to a club that he was so determined to avoid. Never would he thought that he would be uttering the words of a submissive under the control of his very own dominant. And never would he thought he would like it. Contains private chapters(sex scenes) !! ••[First book I've ever done on this genre or well area. Just wanting to let whoever cares to read this that it won't be perfect. You may not like it or I may get something very wrong. I'm planning on taking it slow, I don't even know if it'll work but I really liked the idea. ••]


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the one where the blue eyed beta falls for the alpha's sister "Who is that?" "That's Isabelle McCall." "I think I'm in love with her." "You just saw her like thirty seconds ago." "Best thirty seconds of my life." |EDITING|


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Un famoso. Una amiga de una fan. Mismo nombre. Él no la conoce, ella lo odia. Pero todo cambia cuando ella baja a la panadería. ¿Say what? --------- Todos los derechos reservados. Prohibido la copia y/o adaptación de esta novela.


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Different stories of Dazai and Chuuya . Each chapter is independant from the others unless i mention it .


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[BOOK ONE] [Completed] [Voted #1 Best Action Story in the 2019 Fiction Awards] Liam Luciano is one of the most feared men in all the world. At the young age of 18, he inherited the family name. 10 years later, the Luciano name is well known for its roll in the Mafia; along with two other families: The Costello's and The Corinelli's. But when a 21 year old is put on all three of the families radar, Luciano steps in the way, doing something he had never done before. Protect her. Through their own series of trials and tribulations, they learn how to love and how to trust. But most importantly, they learn that blood does not define family. - © 2015 taintedkissesxo * cover by thelucianoseries on instagram *


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Henley agrees to pretend to date millionaire Bennett Calloway for a fee, falling in love as she wonders - how is he involved in her brother's false conviction? ***** Henley Linden's brother is in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and she'll take any job to raise the money needed to free him. Soon, she's agreed to pretend to date millionaire Bennett Calloway for ten thousand dollars, so his mother will ease up the pressure on him to find a wife. But once Henley is enmeshed in Bennett's world, he falls for her, and she starts to have feelings for him as well. Despite her romance with Bennett, as she grows closer to the Calloways, Henley realizes they are somehow involved in her brother's conviction. Journeying deeper into a world of wealth and conspiracies, Henley is forced to rely on Bennett, though doing so could cost her everything. [[word count: 200,000-250,000 words]]