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Frostbite- Lady Dimitrescu x OC

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Alexandria Frost knew the rumors of the great castle above the village, ever since the day she was born. She knew that she was never supposed to go near it, and to never stay out after dark, or risk being eaten by strange creatures, and she follows the rules, until she's one day found by a strange woman and brought into her care, soon learning the secrets inside of the castle walls, and finding herself drawn to those hypnotic eyes. Will she find her feelings returned, or will she be rejected, and be frozen, as cold as frostbite?
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WARNING! MATURE AND SEXUAL CONTENT! She leaves her family to live with a man she has never met. She's only read about him, and knows the hell she's getting into, but she does this to save her father's kingdom. In a time where women are used, abused, and punished without cause even for being literate without marriage to a royal bloodline, watch this young woman defy all odds, the idea of normalcy, and eventually conquer the heart of the king who is feared by all. "Why do you always test my patience?" "I don't mean to," Saya tells him, still looking in his eyes. "...I'm sorry" she manages to say. The king can't stand this, suddenly crashing his lips against hers immediately. How can she make him so furious but still manage to turn him on? Cover done by @__AK__WRITES ❤❤❤


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Y/N a best friend of Mia Winters, what will happen when she got all mixed up with the problem of Ethan Winters with a psychotic yet bewitching cult leader. WARNING: •Slow updates •very slow updates •bad story. I'm bad okay? so don't ask. •Author is not Active


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Castle Dimitrescu has many secrets and rumours. Most true, some false. Whether or not it's from desperation or curiosity, those who enter rarely ever leave. For years, the Lady of the Castle ruled with an iron fist along with her three daughters. One cold winter night, a new face was found just outside the Castle doors. One that could make Alcina Dimitrescu feel alive again like she once did so long ago. This story will include: Sexual content, violence, blood, mentions of past self harm I DO NOT own any characters other than my own created characters. If you are uncomfortable with any of these, feel free to skip this story but thank you for taking the time to read the description.


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I'm gay for Lady Dimitrescu so I'm going to make it everyone's problem. (* ̄3 ̄)╭🌹


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››BOOK 2 OF PREY‹‹ I was born into a world forever meant to be against me. Into a world, I was never supposed to get the opportunity to know. Created as lowly property to the savage, blood-thirsty predators that have long since dominated these lands. It was a fate I'd once accepted without question. As awful as it was, it was all I had to cling to until the moment where even that got swept up under me by the vampire who I once believed would cause my life's end. Now I had a clear slate, a new beginning, and the worlds fiercest being right at my side.


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𝑺𝒉𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒅𝒐𝒍𝒍 𝒐𝒇 𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒆𝒚𝒆𝒔. Donna Beneviento already had everything she could possibly want: a vast manor with many rooms and things to keep her occupied while she and Angie lived a happy and tranquil life together, staff who were mostly friendly to her, and a family to whom she could confide and share her worries. Among all of this, she's lonely, yearning for someone she can't seem to locate, at least until a new maiden shows up on her doorstep.


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WARNING, MATURE AND SEXUAL CONTENT! She was not born a lady, she was made one. She was not born into wealth, she was given it. Laila is a woman of the king, and she fell in love with him, the day she first met him. Whether it was the kindness he'd shown her or the charming face and body he has, the attraction was there from the start. But King Stephan is not one to reciprocate such feelings, as Laila is one of the ten women he has in his castle. If only there was a way they could grow closer...secrets, lies, pain, war...all of which tears people apart, could actually be what brings them together. *** Turning to face him, she sees his lips curling into a smile, making her heart warm and fuzzy. He slowly puts his arm around her, giving her time to refuse. When she doesn't, he pulls her against his chest. Leaning into her he whispers, "You called me by my name, back in the hallway." "I...I apologize-" "Don't...I like it." Laila feels her core clench upon hearing his words. He tilts her chin laying a kiss on her neck. Biting back her moan, she closes her eyes, feeling him suck on her skin. "Mmh!" Stephan feels her arousal placing his lips on hers, his hand traveling down pushing up her dress as he caresses her skin.* Cover by @Sachi_Stark ! ♥


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"Why do you continually remind me of her? Who really are you?" Alcina Dimitrescu has been harboring a secret that only her family knows about, and if that secret were ever revealed, she would likely commit herself. Days, months, years, decades, and millennia had passed, and she believed she had effectively concealed this secret. But she was very wrong about her belief as everything changes in a snap when Ellaria Rose enters her view.


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Lady Dimitrescu x Melania A love story of a woman traveling far from her home in Greece, to end up in a roller-coaster of a story with our one and only Lady Dimitrescu.