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Friday Night Fun Crew

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It's Friday night. And that means it's time for the Fun Crew.

A night of McNuggets, drive thru orders, and working with friends - one of my favorite memories from when I worked at McDonald's!
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**A Wattpad Featured Story** Madison Carlisle isn't just popular, she's the one girls want to be and the guys want to be with. But what's a girl to do when a new kid threatens to upend the social ladder she's worked so hard to climb? With plenty of gossip, parties, rumors, and more than a little chemistry (academic and otherwise), Madison's world is about to be turned on its head.


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"I want you so badly Alaina in every way possible, I don't want any other man looking at you or holding your attention. I want- no I need you to be all mine." Aaron sits me onto the desk and I feel his fingers slowly making their way up my skirt. "All mine," he whispers in my ear in that seductive voice and kisses my lips softly. And I give in to him again... and again. Alaina moves to New York to start her life over, new apartment, new job life is great. But when she has a hot one-night stand with this guy she meets at the bar her life gets a little hot and sexy. (โ—๏ธWARNINGโ—๏ธ: VERY GRAPHIC AND SEXUALLY DETAILED PARTS TO THIS STORY, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


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Midas a beloved leader of the Shadow Team is recruiting 6 new agents to his team. Y/n hopes to be chosen as she struggles with problems at home. This story takes a quick turn when Midas decides what he truly wants. This story is for mature audiences only. Inappropriate language and actions are used in this story. Pictures are also very unsuitable for younger audiences. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Story is being redited. Please enjoy the new chapters.


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Charlotte Hampstead, a Baron's daughter, has absolutely no luck: especially in the husband hunting department. She can't play the harp, can't dance and certainly can't sing. Her only saving grace is the positively enormous dowry, but she refuses to marry any old fortune hunter whilst she's half in love with her childhood friend. Tommy Greene, Earl of Essex, is in a little bit of a pickle. He inherited a title, and all the debts with it. He's been in London for five whole years, but not one of the skittish schoolroom chits can he see as wife, and he needs an heiress desperately. Unless- there's been rumours of a priceless Shakespeare manuscript and the Essex family hidden around the Essex Estate: if he can find it, well there'd be more than enough money to pay off his Father's gambling debts and live in comfort. It's just the matter of finding it, and he not falling in love with his friend's little sister whilst doing so.


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Madison Carlisle has survived her tumble down the social ladder, no thanks to Ethan Wheeler. Fortunately, her newfound friendship with reigning queen bee Victoria Carrington has Madison well-positioned to score some epic revenge points against Ethan. But how cruel is too cruel when it comes to high school revenge? With Victoria soon to vacate Clairview's throne, the top spot is all set for Madison to take over...but only if she has the mean girl guts to do it. **This book is a sequel to How To Rule Your High School, so I strongly recommend that you read them in order. There are a lot of characters and backstories I won't be able to fully explain here!**


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# โ—ž ๐ŸŒธ โ› ๐˜๐—ฐ๐—ต how dare you go to wendy's ๏น แจณ instead of mcdonald's !?! โ‚แข..แขโ‚Ž ( :ฬฒฬ…:ฬฒฬ…:[ฬฒฬ…:๊ฉœ:]ฬฒฬ…:ฬฒฬ…:ฬฒฬ…:ฬฒฬ…) โ˜๏ธ . . . โ‡ข k. bakugo x ๐—ณ๐—ฒ๐—บ๐—ฎ๐—น๐—ฒ .แŸ reader โจพ โช fluff ๊’ฆ๊’ท comedy โซ แฐ published . ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿฎ หห โŒฆ status :: ongoing ยฉ 5trawberries เช‰


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MAJORLY EDITING. BOOK TWO. Bailey Campbell is obsessed with food. Soup, sandwiches, cream cakes and steak dinners, she's into it. When she decided to turn her passion into a business exactly one year ago, she never expected the success it brought. Green Earth Kitchen is the place to be at the moment, creating a buzz for delicious food without the added waistline. Feeding nutritious meals to the community is Bailey's passion, so why not take the next step and feed the nation too? To do just that, Bailey needs marketing help, and she knows the perfect guy for the job. Noah Larsson is a man on a mission. In the midst of a bad relationship, he wants to focus on himself, tired of being the person always to please others. An opportunity opens for him to step up in the advertising world when his boss brother takes a back seat from his responsibilities in the family business, giving Noah the perfect opportunity to show them all what he can do. Noah believes in Green Earth Kitchen as much as Bailey, wanting to help her with her five-year project of opening other stores, online meal plans, educating kids on food and setting up a lifetime scheme for the less fortunate. The only problem they have with the idea? Bailey and Noah have a history. One that could make, or break them. *THIS IS BOOK TWO IN THE SERIES. PLEASE READ 'LOVE IN THE DARK' FIRST FOR SOME PLOT LINES TO MAKE SENSE. THANK YOU ๐Ÿ˜Š * THERE WILL BE SWEARING, SEXUAL SCENES AND ADULT THEMES IN A LAZY LOVE. 17+ RECOMMENDED.


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Mr.Evans is a billionaire lawyer who needs a new assistant. Y/n is a recently unemployed legal assistant who needs a new job. So she decides to apply for the job. Is this potentially the start of a new romance? Or is this situation going to be kept completely professional?


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It is Eugenia Burnham's first season, and she couldn't be more nervous. Her mother expects her to marry well, and when a lady's maid doesn't stay more than a few weeks at a time, it seems an impossible task. Mr. Gerard Landon has been kind to her, and Eugenia hopes that she can keep his attention. When so many other, more beautiful, young ladies around her, she believes it will take a miracle for her to have a happy ending. Maybe Julie Nelson, the strange new lady's maid, can bring about that miracle. Eugenia is a prequel/parallel story to Regency Rumors, The Sinclair Society Book One.