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Foster Brothers | COMPLETED

Author: QueenKenz11

Status: Full

Update: 06-05-2022

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Campbell West has been in foster homes ever since she was twelve. She never had a real family, or anybody who actually loves her. She sticks to herself, and she stays hidden in her books.

If you ever break her walls, you would learn that she is a sarcastic person, and she's actually fun to be around. But her doesn't let anybody know that.

When she is removed from an abusive foster home, she thought the next home
will be like every other one. Little did she know, it would soon become her family.

The Cade family is a nice, big family. They sign up for fostering, but they didn't think they would get a child within two months.

When Campbell finds out there is five boys, she thinks she is done for. But when she meets them, she learns that they are nice guys. Especially, the boys best friend, Brent.

Brent Mason is the best friend of the boys, and he is your charming quarterback. When he meets Campbell, he starts to delvop feelings for her.

But what Campbell doesn't know is that the boys, and Brent, are the Kings at school. They are extremely popular.

Campbell meets the boys girlfriends, and she actually becomes happy for once.

But what happens when people from the past start to show up?

Will Campbell actually feel loved in this family?

Will Brent and Campbell be together in the end?

Find out in Foster Brothers.

(First Book in the Cade Series.)

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