Read Story Forbidden Temptation (Boyxboy Kangteuk Eunhae)

Forbidden Temptation (Boyxboy Kangteuk Eunhae)

Author: WhatThaHeck

Status: Writing

Update: 10-05-2018

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It started with that Leeteuk couldn't keep his eyes off Kangin. But recently he have been wanting more. Why is this feeling building up inside of him? He have never felt like this for a guy before. But he finds out his feelings for Kangin when they have to spend a night at a hotel with the other members Eunhyuk and Donghae. But what's hiding around the corner for their relationship?

Donghae has gotten intrested in trying naughty stuff with Eunhyuk because of all their fans liking that they are intimate on stage and other places. But is Eunhyuk gonna let him try easily or is it gonna get hard to get Eunhyuk naked?