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For Kaila

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Late nights & luscious men- partying hard with the top gear boys gets Colleen & Kaila into trouble! But who doesn't love a little trouble now & then!
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A fan girl's dream of catching the eye of Mr James May!


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Georgie Griffiths is a regular girl, living a normal life. Until the man of her dreams, the person who she has adored for her entire life walks into her world. She must find a way to keep Richard Hammond in her life, even if this means lying and becoming friends with Izzy Hammond, Richard's daughter.


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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, the pictures or the cover! Just some imagines about our favorite British presenter, Richard Hammond. Because I love him, he's so funny. And I didn't see so many fanfictions about him, I believe he deserves so many more. Anyway, I might also add some of the other presenters. When it's requested or when I feel like it. Enjoy, XXX Luna❤ A/N: *WARNING, this story might contains some rude language and other things that some readers might find offensive! Read at on risk!*


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Top gear gets a new colleague. There's Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and now who is it? Looks like you'll find out.