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Your a genius craftsman or should I say craftswoman who finds a cave full of glow worms when you were looking for shelter from a storm. A few years later while visiting the cave you run into the Heart Pirates.
The Famous Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar Law takes an interest in you for a reasons you don't know yet.
What will you do?

I don't own One piece or Trafalgar Law.

The story is mine though; 3

Anyway enjoy reading☆★☆★☆

Highest Ranking: #1 lawxreader on 23/5/2018
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You receive some bad news which results in you getting a computer with a virtual reality system leading to some new friends and romance. This is a slow moving fanfiction with our favourite Surgeon of Death. When I mean slow moving I mean they do not meet until chapter 5. There is also gonna be some darker themes along the line. Character death, original character death, torture, and probably some other stuff but I don't want to spoil. First two chapters are short but then they get longer. I'm actually planning on finishing this. I have a plot and everything. There will be about 56 chapters. Oda owns One Piece, not me You own yourself I made up the computer games but I got ideas from lots of places so whoever came up with those ideas first owns them I guess.