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FF:My Husband is mine ✔ #wattys2019

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20 May 2019

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How is Kushi would be able to save her married life when her husband's Ex & her Son would live with them?

Can she surpass the hurdles throughout?
A married couple - Arnav & Kushi, who are so much in love with each but there is no communication between them. At this point, when Ex-Girlfriend of Arnav will come & live with them with her so who is Xerox copy of Arnav's character, Aarav, the distance between them will tend to increase as there is no communication between them.
The family & her husband unintentionally ignore her.
Throughout this hurdle, Kushi has to face her past in the form of her family members itself.
Can she be able to Surpass the hurdles?
She started a plan to make her husband & her family realise their mistakes.

Can they both i.e., Arnav Singh Raizada, a businessman & Kushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, a 12th passed out can trust each other?
Can they communicate with each other?
Can they surpass the hurdles?
Can Arnav stand beside his wife?
Will they have a happily ever after?
Cover credit goes to @amfullofmyself

Published date-May-20-2019


Warning - Highly unedited book
Read at your own risk.
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As we pull up in front of my mansion, I prepare myself for the conversation I'm about to have with my wife. It's a little after midnight and I see the blinds move in the living room and I know she is awake. Awake and pissed. As I walk through the front door, I hear her padding towards me. I'm not scared of much. But all 5'0 of my wife is terrifying. She is fuming as she walks to me but then I notice the confusion as she stares at the bundle of blankets in my arms. Thinking quickly, I push the baby into her arms. She can't hit me if she is holding a baby. "Ares?!" She whisper yells. She looks at the baby and then her eyes snap up to mine. "Hello my love." I peck her lips while she is still in shock. "Don't 'hello my love' me! Where did this baby come from?!" She isn't looking at me anymore. She is stroking the baby's cheek. She is completely mesmerized by her already. "Her father is no longer of this earth. Her mother died giving birth to her. She is alone. She is almost two." Her eyes snap to mine. "Two? She looks much younger than that." "She has had a hard life. Her father was into drugs. I haven't heard her speak other than crying." "Poor baby." I stand there watching my wife fall in love with the toddler. "What's her name?" My beautiful wife asks. "McKenna." "She's beautiful." She whispers. "She's ours." "What?" She looks at me with tears in her eyes. I don't own any pictures #1 in Breastfeeding - November 2, 2021 #2 in Toddler - November 2, 2021 #1 in Nursing - November 8, 2021 #2 in Adopted - November 29, 2021


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Loneliness... that's what he always wanted. He wanted to be alone. His world is different. He didn't need anyone in his world... only he and his loneliness... Neither he had any reason for it nor had any tragic flashback. He is like that. He talks less... interact with others also less... he liked to be alone. He needs no one to cheer him up. He lives his life all alone. He does not even let his parents IN. They were worried about his reserved behavior. He answers only to the asked question, not more than that. His parents wanted to end his loneliness by bringing someone into his life. They decided to get him married. Would he accept the companion? Would he let his wife enter his life?


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Peep into know more..... 📖


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He once believed in love and relationships. He gave a chance to marriage, he didn't wanted to but he did. But fate cheated him and now he doesn't believe in anything. Once who was happy go lucky and kind hearted turned cold and ruthless. Once who thought relations are real now think all is a game of money and power. Besides coldness, ruthlessness, and hatred deep down inside his heart he longs for love, but he is afraid to dream. Will he overcome this fear and commit love? She is the wholeness of purity and innocence. Crazy, kiddish but mature as well. She thinks love is the one thing that bonds all kind of relations together. Who thinks love can heal any pain and sorrow. Who believes in fate. Who lives every day as it comes. She admires him very much. He is her inspiration, she comes knows that he has shut his heart in a shell and lives a cold life. She decides to make his pain go away. She can't see him like that. Why? Whats the reason? Is it love? Why she feel so connected to him? Why she wants to make him happy? Unknown to both, they have met many years before at a very crucial stage of their life. Both held the memory of each other, of that moment, very dear. Fate had long ago joined them in a sacred bond for a lifetime. They just need to find out.


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Highest rank #76 in fan fiction /1-4-2018 well it's my first story i wrote about arshi it's completed... i will update time to time.. it's a simple one... no villan and big drama hope you like it well if you read it...


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sheetal track ... After basket ball match A complete different story... A new bold khushi ... Peep in the story to know how arshi will reunite ...


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Is it worth it to sacrifice ur everything for ur family and yet they betray u? What motivates u to say enough is enough? Do real family come from blood relation alone? Let's journey into the lives of two soul mates who had had enough of the greed and manipulation around them and how they make their own path together in their happy ever after. The story starts from Anjali's suicide track with a twist. #6 in late out of 3k stories as of June 27th #24 in realization out of 2.75k stories as of July 17th #16 in arnav out of 1.37k stories as of July 10th #30 in khushi out of 1.37k stories as of July 17th # 403 in soulmates out of 11.8k stories as of July 17th #3 ungrateful out of 66 stories as of July 17th #14 in Akash out of 72 stories as of July 17th #15 in raizada out of 77 stories as of July 17th #12 in payal out of 46 stories as of July 17th #108 in Anjali out of 136 stories as of July 17th


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20 year old, Lena, working at a library tries to navigate her way through something she wishfully wants to indulge in. But with no proper help, she struggles in which direction to go in first. That is until two women, 28 year old Anna and 30 year old Olivia, comes along and help her become something she really wants to be.


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My take on what Khushi should have really done when Arnav again blackmails her using their contract marriage & Payal's marriage as a bait to stop Khushi from leaving, after he calls her the biggest mistake of his life... Cover credit goes to : @ninishta15