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Father And Son (Camp Camp Dadvid fic)

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Hey guys its Chelsea and I dunno about you guys but i love camp camp and wanted to make a story about it, im going to try to make it as less cringy as i can but i hope you like it.
May be you like?


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Oneshots! This is something I've been wanting to do since I started my other Camp Camp Book! I hope you guys comment any suggestions! ~~~ Started: 1/17/2021


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Max always wears his sweater and Gwen just keeps getting weird vibes from him but David seems to think everything is fine until he sees Max without his sweater.... Warnings: Self harm Underage smoking Bulimia Child abuse


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This is a story about Max's ultimate quest to make David adopt him. Of course, instead of directly asking, Max has taken it upon himself to make sure David says yes. No matter what it takes. This story is episodic, with twelve chapters in total focusing on comedy until the end of the series, when the big question is asked. So don't be put off when it feels like absolutely nothing was accomplished at the end of each chapter because let's be honest, that's pretty much every camp camp episode in a nutshell. Also, be sure to check out the sequel, "Heaven, or Max's special hell?" also on Wattpad.


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Started: 17.01.2021. Ended: ??? This book is currently getting rewritten, but i'm sadly very busy, so I can't say how often i update. The book cover was made by me, except for the Drawing of Max. All Characters, the Series and the Plot belong to Rooster Teeth, well except for You/Your OC. If I make any mistakes, don't feel shy to correct me, I don't have any problems with that. And also, English isn't my native language, so there will probably be more mistakes than normal. Hope you enjoy!


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When (Y/n) gets hired as a camp counselor she wasn't expecting much. She just wanted a summer job to get away from her adoptive parents. She wasn't expecting to relive past traumas and meeting amazing new people, and reconnecting with an old friend. Guess she's just gotta roll with it. She's been in worse situations after all. ~~~ She/her pronouns There is now a male version of this story! Go check it out if your a male reader who's interested! ~~~ Quick note, I will be changing up a few episodes to make (y/n) fit into the story. I will also be adding scenes just to make the story more interesting! Started: Dec. 29, 2019 Highest Ranking: #1 in CampCampbell #1 in campcamp


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It was nearing the end of Summer, meaning all the other campers and Max were going home. On the last day, David noticed Max acting differently than he usually does, but he brushes it off, and all the campers go home. Until a turn of events happen.


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This is something I wrote a long time ago and doesn't really represent me now. You guys can read it but the child abuse might be triggering. Also I don't believe I handled a lot of the subjects in here the right way.


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You've arrived at your summer job at the run down crap-stain that is camp campbell. Reasonably you have little to no expectations of what to truly expect from the camp. But, one of your co-workers goes a little bit beyond..optimistic. The art in this story is draw by me :3 Please enjoy


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[DISCONTINUED AND OUTDATED] Your parents sent you away to a summer camp an hour-ish away, since they can't deal with your constant nagging to get away from the house. Your father didn't really care where you went, he just wanted you gone for some peace and quiet. And you thought that you would get some peace and quiet from them in return, but boy were you wrong. The mysteries surrounding this camp is getting stranger and stranger by the day. Campers are skeptical of Max behavior towards you (which is much harsher), mysterious people are coming in your life, and people are keeping quiet about it. Max didn't like how you got along with everyone, even on your first day. Max didn't like that you wouldn't take his bullshit. Max didn't like that you were budding in his business. And Max CERTAINLY didn't like that his effects weren't getting the attention he wanted from you! ... Wait. (They are 15 in this story!!!)