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Author: icey_dreams

Category: General Fiction

Update: 18-07-2022

Status: Writing

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This story is about the wounded souls kabir Mittal & Pooja Sharma who find solence in each other. Read the story to find how fate brings them together.
Janhvi Dhruv Mittal is the respected and accomplished daughter-in-law of the Mittal family. Being the elder daughter in law she is Loved by everyone, her decisions are always respected. But Janhvi has a secret vengeance towards the family, having intentions to take revenge. PK's younger son, Kabir Mittal is an army officer who returns home after six years.

It is revealed that Janhvi is actually Pooja Sharma, daughter of Dr. Ashok Sharma. Twenty years ago, PK Mittal had framed Ashok for creating a fake medicine that took thousands of lives and burned down the Sharma house. Ashok had managed to flee Pooja and Rani but was unable to save himself. Thus, it had become Pooja's aim in life to avenge her family's destruction.

Eventually, Pooja is successful in destroying the Mittals. She reveals that she was neither Dhruv's wife nor Mittal family's daughter-in-law as this was all a hoax to take revenge. Pooja takes over the Mittal house their property business leading to a cold war between Pooja and Kabir. However rani pooja's younger sister always had an obsessed with kabir and wants to marry him after kabir and his wife kavya divorce.
Dhruv is heart broken over the betrayal by pooja. P.K.Mittal falls of the cliff while trying to kill pooja and is presumed dead.
However fate has other plans for Pooja and Kabir! read on to find the conspiracies of Fate that bring these two together in the most romantic ways!!!

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