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Read story Failed Confession 「Nightmare X Classic」Remake

Author: SANSationalpuns9

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 03-10-2022

Status: Writing

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((A/N): I know Nightmare and Passive!Nightmare aren't cannonly the same person, but for the sake of this fan fiction, they are.
(A/N): I am not good at English, and I'm still an amateur, so if you see spelling mistakes, and grammar mistakes, I hope to bother you and correct them, so in the future I will improve on my english errors.
(A/N): This is just a Fan fiction, this is not written to be taken seriously, and is only for entertainment purposes
(A/N): In the prologue Nightmare is 15, Sans and Outer is 17.

A remade version of my old failed confession book.
Cover art is not mine, and belongs to their respected owner.

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