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Read story Extinguisher (A Sequel to Firefighter)

Author: Faith_Hood7

Category: Romance

Update: 28-08-2021

Status: Full

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Def. A person or thing that extinguishes.

Being raised by wonderful parents, Ray and Leigh Landon, Alexa Landon has what appears to be a great life. Being raised by conscientious Nick Duncan, Noah Duncan should have everything he wants, but that's harder than it seems. Noah has been in love with Alexa since they were only children, but Alexa is complicated. She's a ball of fire, waiting on something or someone to come along to shake up her life. Is it possible? Will anyone be able to extinguish the fire that is severely depressed, Alexa Landon?

Will Noah end up getting burned?

Things didn't work out for their parents, Nick and Leigh. Will their fate be different?

Sequel to Firefighter but the book is a stand alone (you can understand it without reading Firefighter)

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