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Every Last Piece

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Everyone in the small town of Hull knows two things. One: Jill Williams doesn't date, and two: Carson Blue is addicted to drugs.

When Carson decides to clean up his act and apply at Jill's family restaurant, she's less than enthused. Between school, working on her music career, helping out her mom, and taking care of her little cousin, she doesn't need another person in her life to worry about... but before she knows it, Carson is a daily occurrence. And even though he shows up to work with bags under his eyes and hickeys on his neck, it's just like Jill to start caring about him.

But when Carson's attempts to stay sober start to fail, Jill's forced to learn that not everyone can be saved.
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This book is rated 16+ due to mature content and language. Updates every Friday!
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Penn Romero is a smart girl. Smart girls don't get involved with their professors. ***** It begins with a casual meeting at a speakeasy. It begins with a drink. It begins with a stolen stare. It begins with the not-knowing, the secrecy, the sneaking around. Penn Romero hardly knew what she was getting into when she was drawn in by Chase Steele's magnetism, and she hardly knew he'd be her new Film Theory professor. Against everything she's ever known, against everything she should do, she stills falls into a dark spiral of manipulation that keeps her trapped in a spider web, losing sight of who the real Penn is--all that's left is what he has made of her and all he's taken. It ends with him taking and taking. It ends with the should've-knowns. It ends in ruin. ***** THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE. DON'T ADD THIS TO ROMANCE READING LISTS, PLEASE. © 2021 caterina george // all rights reserved


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ALONG FOR THE RIDE SPIN-OFF. the Connor Jackson Tour is over, and Connor Jackson has lost himself in the lights and fame of LA. with only one month until his album deadline, he's at risk of losing it all. luckily he has his friends from Skyline there to help him get back on track. with the aid of an orchestrated kidnapping, a guitar, and some roof tiles, Connor is forced to face what's really holding him back. -cover photographer: Mutzii -cover designed by: me -cover created by: Jordan Lynde


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Hana picks up a guitar to escape her pain. But what happens when her teacher is just as good at playing her heart as he is at playing his guitar? Hana Rao isn't looking for love -- at least, that's what she thought when she picked up a guitar to learn to let go of her past. She finds herself opposite Damien D'Angelo, her smart, complicated, and painfully gorgeous guitar teacher. But Hana quickly finds out that there's more to him than his charm and knack for flirting. They have a lot more in common than she thought; they are both running from something, and somehow found each other. Faced with the realities of life and their problems, Damien and Hana struggle to overcome the cycles of generational trauma, while trying to make ends meet and build a life of their own -- together or apart. Disclaimer: Mentions of depression and abuse.


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Seducing the captain of her school's basketball team was not the way Noah Bennett thought she'd start her first year at college. But when she's offered a huge amount of money by one of the most popular people at her school, she agrees. What Noah doesn't know is that the person she's trying to seduce is her latest sworn enemy, Daniel Brighton. This singular fact could have made bridging the contract impossible, but she finds herself doing exactly that; literally falling for the basketball player who may not be as bad a person as she initially thought. It's exactly at this point that she realises; she's made a terrible mistake. ©2022-present. AOFunke


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Rose Jacobs has been unlucky in love and in life. Wracked with grief and loneliness after a tragic accident, Rose has spent the last three years of her life attempting to regain some form of normalcy. Her normalcy? Running a used bookstore owned by her parents, full of classic literature. Romance? What's that? The only romance in her life at the moment includes rereading the fictional romance filled between the pages of her favorite books in the store. Oh, and her beloved golden retriever, Ginger. With the way her life has turned out, she couldn't have predicted the turn of events that would unfold after a box of classic books is brought into her store by a stranger looking to make a quick buck. Finding hidden love letters throughout each book brought in, Rose delves into the world and love life of Jo Rutherford--the books' original owner, who happened to write love letters to her future husband in the 1940s. Feeling lonely, but inspired by the letters, Rose begins her journey of creating her own letters to someone she doesn't believe exists. Nothing could prepare her for the excitement her boring love life was about to get when River Ellison, a handsome, arrogant and persistent man comes into her bookstore only mere hours after writing her first letter. In a journey of self-discovery and growth, Rose maneuvers through the hardships of romance and love while still attempting to piece herself back together after her life was turned upside down three years ago. Highest Ranking: #93 Chicklit (out of 32.5k stories!)


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《 WATTY'S SHORTLIST 2021 》━ ❝WELCOME TO HART'S BAY.❞ where opposites attract. featuring » » » an ex-varsity swimmer and a hockey player. a once-wealthy server and a surfer on exchange. a daytime cashier and her nighttime counterpart. | presenting one summer and six different perspectives on how it all went down. Complete • Watty's Shortlist 2021 • YA • New Adult • Romance © Kelly Ge 2020. All Rights Reserved.


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| Wattpad Editor's Choice | Jason Lovett, a no-nonsense guitar-player, is leaving New York to get to a career-making gig in LA. But before he gets far, his car breaks down. Being stranded without a car or money and running short on time to get to the performance of a lifetime, he resorts to his only hope: hitchhiking. Little does he realize that he will be stuck with a strange girl with lavender-colored hair, who drives a Volkswagen Beetle & goes by the name of Della Rae... Who knew traveling with a crazy-haired girl who has cameras, a blog, & an odd fascination with postcards could change so much? Wattpad Featured List - 3.15.18 Wattpad Spring Break Escape List - 4.13.19 Wattpad Editor's Choice - 1.28.2021 COMPLETED (first draft) 1.23.2019 CAST: Shawn Mendes as Jason Lovett Amanda Steele as Della Rae