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Read story Ethereal • Klaus Mikaelson

Author: JanuarySerendipity

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 26-03-2019

Status: Writing

29511 likes / 595954 reads

❝There is a fine line between love and hate, and I am starting to lose my balance.❞

Florence Summer Hadley returns to Mystic Falls after staying with her extended family in London for a while. Or at least that's the story that was carefully crafted to tell people. The truth is in fact much darker...

When she returns nothing seems to have changed in the small and ever peaceful little town. Which was one of the things she always hated about it, how things were always the same. The people endlessly hiding behind their masks, and the days indistinguishable.

But as the mystery of the blonde, blue-eyed stranger she keeps seeing in her nightmares slowly unfolds and pieces of the puzzle start falling into place, she soon finds herself regretting ever wishing for change.

If only the villain wasn't so mesmerizingly charming.

JanuarySerendipity © 2017

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