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Author: EraRexon

Status: Full

Update: 24-05-2022

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"Then what will I get in return?" Darius closed onto her, his mouth near her ears as his palm held her both hands together stopping the angel from fleeting away like wind, she wanted to run away and he could see the mischievousness in her enchanting eyes.

"I-" the girl pondered a bit and before she could form a sentence Darius handed her the ice-cream making her look at him in astonishment.

"You? Yes that is all what I want." a small hiccup left the plump lips when she heard her predicament, she was still forming a sentence with that 'I' she did not meant her but.....its not a bad deal.

"And you are not a are my pretty little Roe. you understand that sweetheart?"

Her mouth was gaped open before she gulped nodding frantically as if trying to convey her emotions so he doesn't miss on anything that she wanted to say.

"Yes sir." She whispered at last.

"Call me daddy." Darius froze when those words left his lips without any filter, he was going to take it back but the dark feral eyes that had carnal possessiveness incited the red haired angel who very slowly whispered.

"Yes Daddy"