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Dreamswap by Onebizarrekai on Tumblr

(this is my first book)

♥ This is my Au .

♥ Ink is demon (because my au).

♥ ink know about ink au & ds!ink au← ( by me ).

♥ Blue love flirting with ink and dream.

♥ bad grammar and spelling.

♥ art is mine .(Gacha clube)

♥will make Book about my au characters .

♥ dream is the lader of jr and a king of Dreamswap.

♥ this book is inspire by Blue_y_Pink

🌷The time when this book will be updating
-whenever I want

# 3 on ds drink - ??( don't remember)

Started on -13/11/2021
End on - 26 September 2022
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