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Don't Trust Cats

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Stray cats have a tendency of following people around when they want something, so when a pretty, little bird named Y/N flies into Lorenzo's life, he can't help but jump at the chance to use her. What he doesn't realize is that she knows how to play his game and will try her best to turn his life around and change his views on the human race.

{Male Neko x Female Reader}
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Y/N was only a child when she came face to face with the beast who's able to make the bravest of people wet their pants with a single glance. As she grew older, her fears consumed her very being due to the nightmares plaguing her sleep. Is there any hope of escaping this dreadful creature? Can she ever get away from the Boogeyman, or is there more to the tale than fear and anger? Boogeyman x Female Reader


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A man is hidden in a peculiar forest untouched by humans, where the animals and plant-life thrive. He keeps a watchful eye to make sure the peace isn't disturbed when one day, a young woman is found venturing his world. He is unsure what to make of her. It is rare for a human to see, let alone enter this sanctuary. As for her, she expected to be alone in those woods. She sought escape and freedom, a place to think. Perhaps he can help her with that? Male Owl Harpy x Female Reader

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Harry flees the Dursley at age 8 after an accident happened with the heater in Dudleys room which caused a slight fire. Trying to extinguish the fire to no avail, Harry goes outside Dudleys room only to have someone hit him with a bat repeatedly. After being left for dead amidst the fire Harry's magic activates turning him into an animal and bringing him to his fated Home: Hogwarts. From there on, Harry studies and let's Hogwarts guide him through the Wizarding World, in return, Harry as a shape-shifting animal protects the students from harm which Hogwarts couldn't ever since all those years ago.. where Dumbledore turned a student into a new dark lord just for fame ignoring the tortured child that Tom Marvollo Riddle was. Grey!Harry, bad!Dumbledore, bad!Weasels, good!Slytherin, good!Tom, OP! Harry, guardian!Harry


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WATTYS WINNER When her fiancรฉ ends up in a coma and his secret mistress, Halley, shows up, Mary feels like her world is falling apart. What she doesn't realize is she's actually falling in love...with Halley. ***** Eight years after a traumatizing accident that killed one of her loved ones, Mary Kincaid is about to marry her childhood sweetheart when the universe yanks the rug out from under her yet again, leaving her fiancรฉ badly injured and in a coma. Of course this is when his secret mistress shows up, a beautiful person whom Mary should by all rights hate - so why does she find herself inviting her to stay in the spare bedroom? She soon learns that sometimes the person you're looking for comes when you're not looking at all. Content and/or trigger warning: This story mentions violence, addiction, and childhood trauma, which may be triggering for some readers. [[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]


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Tragedy strikes poor Y/N L/N when her loving mother falls deathly ill, where she can do nothing but pray for a miracle. Facing her fears, she decides to hand over an offering to the temple belonging to the otherworldly creature protecting the village from harm in hopes that, perhaps, he can help. Sadly, things don't always end the way you want them too, but, thankfully, Y/N will not be left on her own thanks to a certain fox guiding her path. Fox Spirit (Kitsune) x Female Reader


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An angel falls from the heavens in search of a soul to care for and happens upon a young girl by the name of Y/N. Upon first meeting the child, the angel was taken by her sweet and innocent personality, therefore, he takes it upon himself to be the girl's sole protector. But, beware: if anyone dares to taint the purity of her soul, they'll find themselves wishing they hadn't. Male Yandere Angel x Female Reader


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A secret world exists within our own, full of creatures and monsters. Sometimes the two worlds will meet and the creatures can cross over. What will Y/N do when she finds an interesting bat? Male Vampire x Female Reader


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สแด€ษดแด…แด‡ส€แด‡ x ส€แด‡แด€แด…แด‡ส€ แดษดแด‡ sสœแดแด› #9 Myths 20220621 ----------- It's random one shots so request away. P.S if you request, it will be a very very long time to receive the dedicated chapters since I write this book for fun and inspirations All of the artwork I put in isn't mines. I claim them all to the original owner