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Do they like you truthfully

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This is for 12 to 13 year old boys that want to find out if that special girl you like, likes you back ;)
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When Supreme Court Justice Graham Norton goes missing minutes before a murder trial, it comes as a shock to everyone. The initial prime suspect for the kidnapping and possible murder is Dane Murphy, who possibly just missed getting a death sentence. However, as the story unfolds, more people come into the shadow of suspect and the case becomes one that never seems to see its end. Not even when one of the best detectives, and old time friend of the victim, Seth Cole is handling the case. Seth Cole is a man of great experience and prides himself in having solved the trickiest of cases. Everyone, including his new-appointed intern Frank Mile is in awe of him. If there is anyone who can possibly bring an end to this mystery, it has to be Cole.


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They say patience is a virtue. So what happens when it gets tested? Alonzo and Natalie were about to find out. *** With having a broken past, from getting sexually assaulted, to depression and losing her self worth and most importantly having her virginity stolen she promised herself never again, never to go through that pain, and the only way to avoid it was never to get herself through that experience. She didn't want love, she just wanted self-worth. After many years, she built up the best well-known drug cartel, her life finally becoming somewhat normal. Little does she know the devil lurks within and was very close, to a man she met after a deal. He was determined to unravel all her layers, to find out what lies beneath. Was the wait worth it? Was she worth it? Everyone fell on his feet for him... and possibly in bed as well, but she had no intentions of doing so which struck curiosity to him. What made her become so limited to feel that pleasure he wanted to leash out? Who made her fear the pleasure? The answer was closer to home, he didn't know there was a devil in disguise. He didn't know he was living with a devil. The devil that destroyed her. Tick tock. Will he be able to save her in time?


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For those cases that I'm tagged, want to share some thoughts, or want to post a short and unattached story


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Rachel , Santana, Quinn , Brittany, Noah , Jake & The rest of the glee clubbers are either in their last year or in their junior year .. They tried to make it the best year yet .. but old family members pops up , new people come in the picture and ex's comes back . Will the New Directions survive Senior / Junior year or will things get worst . In this book - Brittany and Santana are dating , been together since freshman year Quinn and Rachel do hookups but Quinn is starting to catch feelings But Rachel is a womanizer.. until she catches feelings for Quinn ( later in the book ) Puck's Rachel twin brother & Quinn bestie Finn is Rachel Bestie Jake - Puck and Rachel Lil brother, Dating Marley for the past year Alexis King ( Doesn't come until later) - New girl , basketball player , kinda like a player Shy Watkins ( Doesn't come until later ) - New girl , a full time player . The glee clubbers are in this too but not as much everyone is seniors expect the season 4&6 newbies are in this ofc .. This book basically surrounded its self around the glee club & then some . Most people will get a pov .. but mainly Santana Brittany Quinn,Rachel , Puck & Jake and Two new Characters


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Jack has lived his whole life inside the wall. The safety of the city isn't in jeopardy until Jack and his dog Ace make a huge mistake. Hunting people outside the walls is their job, but when Jack doesn't have the heart to what he is supposed to, its now his life that is on the line. Torn away from his family, and best friend, Jack has to decide where his future is; inside those safe walls with his family and best friend as rebel hunter, or as a rebel himself constantly in fear for his life but with the people he has come to love


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A young 19 year old boy is about to go to college when he bumps into the wrong group of people but little did he know those people took interest in him. But when he didn't show any feelings back they got pissed at him and started to be toxic to him. Warnings ¦ ⚠️Swear words⚠️ ⚠️Smut⚠️ ⚠️Toxic⚠️ ⚠️Harsh punishments⚠️ ⚠️And much more⚠️


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(Completed) "Think you can love me forever?" In the aftermath of Praimfaya the world must begin again. The people in the second dawn bunker The people on the Ark And Clarke But as always Earth will throw everything it has at them, so the remaining members of the 100 and everyone else must fight for survival in the recently irradiated Earth and any other world OC X JOHN MURPHY


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Its Almost Valentine's Day And Everyone is Going Crazy..Who Likes Who...Who Will be with Who?!...


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Anderson Beckett has recently been very stressed because of what is probably the most important test he will ever have to take! What happens when the test he takes leads him into incontinence?