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Read story Divine Mate | Completed

Author: cait-imani

Category: Werewolf

Update: 10-11-2022

Status: Full

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Tethered to a dimension she doesn't fully understand, Naomi struggles to accept herself as a supernatural. From exotic traditions to a jealous ex-girlfriend and a woman they call Malkia, she learns the only way to win is by unlearning everything she knew from her old world.

Will the newly-crowned princess of a werewolf pack be able to stand her ground in a place where kindness is not a virtue?

• • •

"What did you just call me?" he asked oddly.

The people huddled around us dissipated and it seemed as if we were the only two in the restaurant.

"Ijayo," I said slowly. My heart began to race a mile a minute. "Your name?"

A pause. Then he burst into laughter. "My name is Israel, not ijayo."

Oh. Ijayo must be a word in their language. I replied sacarstically. "My apologies...Israel."

Keyana avoided my gaze. Though I felt her impatient gaze staring holes into my side profile, no doubt wishing I'd hurry and leave.

He wore a smug look as he dangled them. "I didn't necessarily mind, asali, though you might mind not having your keys."

I breathed a sigh of relief, ignoring him as I held out my hand.

But instead of tossing them, he walked up to me and carefully placed the keys in my hand.

"No, thank you?" he murmured. I felt his touch on my skin like electricity and my shoulders instantly began to relax.

Mature content and themes +16
Swahili is the spoken language of the pack.
The chapters start off as introductions to a few main characters. The first official chapter is titled The Pack.

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