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Digimon Randomness

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Random Digimon skits, because I miss them, and no one talks about them, or knows them anymore.

-Only featuring the Adventure series cast, that includes 02.
-I do not own digimon, for if I did, I would make Takari cannon.
-I don't own cover art, I can't draw for shit

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This is a small collection of oneshots that I either wrote for myself, or other people have requested. Requests are my top priority, so when you request, that comes immediately before anything that I happen to be writing for myself. Sometimes it may take me a while to publish the chapter you request, because the requests can back up a little bit. Requesting a scenario helps me form ideas a little faster, but if there's nothing in particular that you want to see, then I'll try my best to portray a good chapter from my viewpoint of the ship. You can absolutely request any ship that you want. There's a lot of oneshot collections out there who only do requests if it's a ship that they ship, but I know how hard it is to find stories for a ship that you like sometimes. Ships I'll probably inlude when writing for myself are: Specialshipping Namelessshipping Oldrivalshipping Mangaquestshipping Soulsilvershipping Franticshipping Agencyshipping Sequelshipping Greyskyshipping Kalosshipping Twinleafshipping Dualrivalshipping Chessshipping Ferriswheelshipping Entourageshipping Corruptedshipping Blacksoulshipping Malasadashipping Laverreshipping (You can request a ship and/or scenario) (I don't do ships from the anime, sorry (。ヘ°))