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Dhul-Hijja Reminders

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Dhul-Hijja is one of the sacred months in the Islamic calendar. It has in it the 10 best days of the year.
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Aida Muhammed is a decent Muslim. She's never had a boyfriend, respects everyone and obeys everything that was said in the Qur'an. She lives a simple and minimalistic life, walking towards achieving her dreams, but her life and dreams are put at risk when she meets Ehsan Khadeem. An Entrepreneur. Ehsan is perfect in every way but the only flaw he has in Adia's heart was his lack of Islamic values. He is a kind hearted and effective man who is almost perfect at his job but he was stripped off the chance of leading a good Islamic life. Their families came to a decision to get them married, because they are both in the age to get married and are so busy with reaching their dreams that they haven't taken a second to consider the personal part of their lives. Aida believes that what her parents want for he is what's right for her so, instead of arguing, she makes it her task to tame her husband.


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If somebody asked Zahra - "do we ever reach a point in time when we just cannot love a person any longer?" - she wouldn't know. Zahra Yusuf is the most sensible girl in her family. She listens to her mind more than her heart, maybe that's why her Nani keeps telling her - she needs to plant a few seeds of love in the soil of her soul. She has buried many secrets in her past, and they all are slowly catching up to her - maybe because somewhere between sadness and exhaustion, she hadn't learnt the lessons she was meant to. She didn't have a clear head back then. But to the same question, the hopeless romantic that her heart is, would answer - 𝘰𝘧 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘦 𝘯𝘰𝘵. Perhaps it's this inner voice that leads Zahra towards Shafaq even after the incidents at Anaargis. A story of trust and pain - and how both are a perfect mix of ingredients for love, even after bitterness. • • • L O V E B E Y O N D A N A A R G I S ( g e n r e : r o m a n c e / s p i r i t u a l ) © writer_muslimah | Jasmin A.


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Winner of the 'Readers Choice Award' in Historical Fiction. Winner of the 'Readers Choice Award' in Spiritual Category. Winner of Best Muslim Readers' Choice Awards: Prince of Knights _____________ Arabs are well known for their culture, Poetry, and hospitality. They are also known for their bravery and leadership. Faris, son of Sheikh Mubarak a hard-hearted man known among his tribe. No man is brave enough to raise his voice in his presence. His mission was to demolish his enemy's tribe for annihilating one of his men. However, fate decided something new when blood feud was only resolved by his marriage to the daughter of his enemy. Raghad is just like any other Muslim girl, who wishes to marry the man of her dreams but she meets Faris the Knight with no heart. He only fears his Lord his maker and no one else. With no other option to resolve blood feud Raghad steps over her dreams to shield her tribe. Will Faris unbolt the gates of his heart for her? Read to find out what happens in this love story. Prince of Knights, based on a Bedouin lifestyle. FOLLOW TO READ!


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imagines of you and dua (y/n)!!! all gxg (unless you request) and if you're uncomfortable reading smut, i wouldn't recommend reading this cuz there's a lot of it... anyways enjoy! peaks: #1 on #dualipa #4 on #dua #2 on #lipa #5 on #yourpov #11 on #loves


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"I hope you realize you made the worst f**king decision of your life." She could feel his cold icy blue eyes piercing through her soul. "I didn't ask for this..." tears threatened to fall from her eyes, her lips quivering in fear. His grip on both her wrists become tighter as he slams them hard against the wall, trapping her petite body in-between the wall and his body, "You'll never have a place in my life, let alone my heart, do you understand?" She winces from the pain from her wrists. He slams her arms against the wall again. He leans in close enough to the point where their lips are only inches apart, "I said, do you f**king understand, foolish girl?" His voice rises as he clenches his jaw in an impatient manner. She nods in hopes that he'll let go. And just like that, he lets go of her as she falls to the floor in utter defeat. What have I done... she asks herself. **Full Summary Inside** Cover by: Me, Myself, and I!


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"You know Aamir, I am not capable of being a good wife. You know that I won't be able to perform duties of a wife than why you keep sending marriage proposal to my father. Please stop all this." Tears start flowing from her eyes but there is no relief from his side. "I'll be your husband in few days. Prepare yourself for it. " Finality in his voice gave shivers to her. She falls on the floor and hide her face between her knees. Aamir sheikh, heir of Sheikh corporation there is nothing in the world which he can't buy. He is rich, good looking and charming to the extent that women throw themselves on his feet. His charm work everyone except one woman . The one he love refuses him again and again. Aamna Rahman Ali is a closed personality who mind her own business. She is least interested in male attention accidentally grab attention of rude, dominating and annoying Aamir.


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Some cute short stories; Hoping that you all love it. On 21 july 2021 #1 in short stories out of 233k stories Content warning: Mature content Sorry guys english is not my first you may face some *grammatical errors* "READ IT ON YOUR OWN RISK" #1in pakistani on 11 August 2020


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Title: °{ Cuore Di Pietra} ° Translation: ||Heart Of Stone|| 🥀🥀🥀 He was a soul tortured beyond repair. A heart burnt into ashes. His eyes told the miseries and pain, his lips would never utter. A heart that had forgotten to love and cherish long ago. His inside was empty. Void of feelings. His past was painful, he wanted to inflict the same pain upon his sinners, the pain he had gone through. He was Zaviar Shah. A soul that was ruined. A soul that lost its essence. She was innocent and pure. She was unaware of her past. Delicate as a rose. Raised in love and care. Unfamiliar with the word pain. She became a victim of revenge. The Revenge for something she never did, wasn't even aware of. She was burnt in the fire and broken beyond repair. She was Inaya Shah. A beautiful soul from which, its every essence was snatched cruelly. She was strong. She was soft as a petal and at the same time fierce as a lioness. Surrounded with hate and pain, she struggled to survive. She had suffered the pain that wasn't even her piece of share. She was Imsaal Shah. A precious soul that had endured all the impact of the storm. He was strong yet soft. He was cruel yet merciful. He was dark yet possessed the light. He devoted his life for his friendship and gave pain to the person he adored just for the sake of his commitment. He was Waris Shah. A loyal soul that was broken and held the secrets that weren't meant for others to know. He was the man, the mafia feared. His ways were cruel. He was heartless monster. Killing others mercilessly was an everyday thing for him. A thing he loved doing for the sake of his pleasure. He liked doing things his way, tearing them apart and destroying them who defied him. He was Rafey Malik. A soul that was the darkest, cruelest and scariest. A story of their entangled fates. A story of pain, regrets and love... 🥀🥀🥀 #1 in repent (August 31st 2022) #1 in friendship (February 26th 2023) °°°°°°°


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⚜️Book one in the Pure series⚜️ ⚜️Adam & Noor ⚜️ "YOU ARE MINE" Adam yelled on top of his lungs while holding tightly on Noor's shoulder. Noor looked at him with tears in her eyes. Fear was written all over her face. Adam took a deep breath trying to calm himself down. He moved his hands and cupped her cheeks with both his hands and wiped away her tears with his thumbs. " Princess ! You're my girl, my baby girl, mine and only mine. And I'm too selfish to share you with anyone so please don't anger me again. " With that he smashed his harsh lips on her soft ones ❌WARNING ❌ This story may be triggering to some people, DO NOT read the story if you aren't comfortable with dominions