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Death Hotline [AweSamPonk]

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Please read the first chapter for warnings and disclaimers!

[Shipping of the CHARACTERS, NOT the real people]
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Please do not sexualise them, they are not very comfortable with it. This is just because I am very bored and I do not want to sleep. No smut just kisses and cuddling. Not very good grammar and first book? if you call it that. Credit to the artists that I don't know...let me know if you know who made the art! (I try my best to update this a lot so sorry for the slow updates <3)


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This book will contain some of my drafts and oneshots about Skeppy, BadBoyHalo, Jef, and GoodBoyHalo. I plan to put most of my unfinished ideas and stuff in here, so if you want some Skephalo and Jefhalo scraps, feel free to take a look :) Also, there will be a lot of types of content in here: Angst Fluff All sorts of AUs Some triggering content Vent fics I will try to put trigger warnings at the start of each part! Also, this collection will contain Old writing Lazy writing Bad writing Good writing Possible repetitiveness (some scenes or oneshots might be recycled or similar, since they were never really planned on being released anyway) Etc. With that said, enjoy!


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"why...?" He breathed. I smile widely "Because I love you" But he doesn't relax. He's tense and still, unlike his heart which is beating rapidly, and it almost feels like it's going to break out of his chest. ~Yandere + Highschool Au ~ Zak has a shitty life. Shitty friends, shitty family, shitty apartment. So when he meets Darryl, he's sure to do anything it takes to keep the best thing in his life to himself, and to himself only. Even if it means killing the most popular kid in his school, his own mother, and anyone else who dares to stand between him and his precious angel. ...Yeah I don't know either ||TW: gore, murder, heavy cussing(including slurs), bullying, Homophobia/bigotry, mention/reference to SH, abuse|| I don't force ship people, that shits messed up asf This is my first story, pls no bully me 🥲 The moment I'm told this is against either of their boundaries I will unpublish it and yeet it into the trash and make sure it goes to a landfill far far away where it will never be seen again :) I swear to God if this is ever found by a YouTuber and it's made into a video, I will for real not clickbait throw myself in front of ongoing traffic <3 **CHARACTERS! I don't think of them like this, this entire thing is just for fun.** Why are you looking down here? Well since you're here we might as well break it to you. You've been in a coma for the past 5 years, and to cope in your sad coma reality you try to escape the fake reality you have made by reading shitty gay skephalo fanfics at 3am in the morning. Yep we're monitoring you as you read this. You need to wake up. They've been trying to contact you about your car's extended warranty for years now. 4/1/22-


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Currently going through a rewrite, since so many of you like this story so much! Accomplishments Awesamdude #5 2/24/2022 awesamponk #1 1/21/2022 Ponksamdude #1 2/3/2022 samxponk #1 2/18/2022


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cover art isnt mine btw hiya im goose and im writing smut. updates will be inconsistant and i will play with the stereotypes of mcyt fanfics like bottom fem george and make it bottom fem dream or sumn cos theres not enough of it and there are toxic people who shit on it and i find that dumb. if anyone included in the smut says they are uncomfy with smut being written about them then i will not hesitate to take it down and if there is someone who is uncomfy with it and i didnt know, please notify me and i will not hesitate to take it down. happy reading you horny fucks :) -goose