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Dear No One-BBRae

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Raven's craving for love but always dreading it. What will happen when The green changling steps in? Find out in Dear No one A BBRae story
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ACTIVE! Trigon has been defeated, making Raven the most powerful person alive, but she's changed. Her past violently haunts her mind. She's having panic attacks daily and has resorted to other forms of coping. Her life was spiraling downhill. What she doesn't know is that Beastboy is struggling as well. When they both find out, they decide to get better together. Everything is going well... until sparks ignite. What will happen to their relationship? πŸ”₯❀️ Better Together is rated Mature (According to Wattpad's mature guidelines) for bad language, sexual assault, self harm, ED, and mental health. There is no smut/sex in this story.(Continued warnings below) #1 beastboyxraven 3/1/21 #7 BBRAE 11/4/21 #25 insomnia 11/5/21 -------------------------- Important Disclaimers⬇️ 🚨TRIGGER WARNING!:🚨 Mentions of depression, cutting, sexual assault, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and some minimal blood. *I do NOT own teen titans or the characters (obviously)* πŸ’•Thanks so much for reading! I hope you love Better Together!πŸ’•


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You know the drill convicts. A lot more obscure characters in this one but I'm sure you'll like it more than the first dc story. #1 in xmalereader 9/17/21 #1 in punchline 9/17/21 #1 in Blackfire 10/3/21 #1 in Ravager 10/3/21 #1 in Ratcatcher2 4/17/22


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Follows DC universe tv series Titans "So what are we? Titans 2.0?" -Rachel Roth Richard Grayson x OC Alithea Grace Wayne. Bruce Wayne's daughter. Gotham's golden girl by day and Batman's trusted Batgirl by night. She grew up with Gotham's playboy Richard Grayson by day, and the fast flying Robin by night. They were best friends. They did everything together including fighting crime. Over the years Alithea grew to love Richard. She kept it from him thinking he'd never feel the same. As they got older the missions got bloodier and more brutal. Things were hard, they had spiraled into a dark place. Alithea reached out for help from her father. While she got better, Richard kept quiet and continued to become more violent day by day. After killing Tony Zucco he packs his stuff and leaves, never to be heard from again. The father and daughter duo's hearts were shattered, but Batgirl and Batman carried on. Over a year later and Dick calls Alfred looking for help dealing with a girl named Rachel. Bruce sends Alithea. What happens when they meet again for the first time since he left? Will Alithea forgive Dick? Will they become friends again or will it turn into something more? Will they help Rachel? Read on to find out! Mainly follows Dick Grayson's storyline and OC ⚠️Includes mature content (smut, cursing, abuse, etc..)⚠️ Any negative comments about the characters and their relations will be deleted. I'm very aware that the OC and Dick are adoptive brother and sister. The nature of their relationship is clearly stated in here and the prologue. If that really bothers you then don't read it. #1 in dc 12/14/19 #1 in beast boy 1/4/20 #1 in teen titans 1/8/20 #9 in Titans 1/26/23 #11 in Robin 1/6/20 #7 in Dick Grayson 4/2/20 #2 in Nightwing 1/27/20 #7 in Richard Grayson 12/7/19 #6 in Rachel 11/9/19 #12 in Batman 3/31/20 #1 in Brenton Thwaites 4/2/20 #1 in Superboy 5/3/20 #1 in Wondergirl 3/18/22 More info and disclaimers in full prologue!


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Male Red Hood Reader X DCAMU Raven Takes place in DC Animated Movies Universe (2013 - 2020) Death wasn't kind. It snatched where it could, taking people, no matter how old they were. It didn't pretend to care, it didn't pretend to distinguish. They thought he died in Bosnia. Now he's back. Damaged and betrayed. Looking for just one thing: Retribution. She's changed, too. Her face - sunken and haunted, her mind and heart cold and empty. Those white souls now turned dark. They felt: Rage... Sorrow... loneliness... The ache will never fade. But who would've thought... They would cross paths again Β© ALL CHARACTER'S IN THIS STORY ARE BELONGING TO Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and Warner Home Video. ONLY CHARACTER'S I OWN ARE YOU AND POSSIBLE OC's


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It has been bothering me of seeing barley Teen Titans fan-fiction and some that are not have updated for years so here I am and yes there will be love interest and yes I'm doing all the episodes I'll explain the powers and the love interest you have so please enjoy.


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After Accidentally Killing The Joker, Y/n Is Forced To Deal With The Consequences That come With Killing The Clown Prince Of Crime. From The Heroes To The Villains, All Want Him, Dead Or Alive. Survival is the game and a game over is not allowed. stay tuned.