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Dear Future Self (Bratayley)

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When 17 year old Annie returns from a stressful day, she discovers a letter from her 9 year old self that will help her through her hard time.
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*in which a girl and a boy bond over Alec Benjamin* Annie Leblanc. Queen Bee of North Westwood High School. Asher Angel. The Golden Boy of South Westwood High School. The girl with nightmares. The boy with insomnia. One 24hr drugstore. One song. One new relationship. *lowercase intended*


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She's been watching over her best friends family for twenty-five years, she never left their side. Just like she promised. But when her best friend died Amelia made it her goal to bring music back into Julie's life, what she didn't expect was to meet some familiar faces in the process. Reggie X OC Date started: 05/10/2020 Date completed: #1 Netflixseries : 02/20/21


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Caleb and Annie fight all the time. Is it just sibling rivalry? Or Has is gone to far?


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My thoughts on the tragic passing of thirteen year old youtuber Caleb I will always miss you Logan and other youtubers who have passed on!


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This story is about a woman (Catherina Patrios Viceral) who applied as a secretary of a famous CEO and American-Filipino Actor, Caleb Austin Navarro and she didn't know that this was the man she was crazy about before she had an accident. She likes her job because her boss is very kind to him. She is unaware that she is slowly falling for his boss again and Caleb is slowly falling for her too.


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Growing up in a world as the son of Lucifer is hard enough but when God hates you your father barely speaks to you it can be tough so what happens when the son of Lucifer goes to a school for the supernatural. Takes place during season 1of both Legacies and Lucifer Disclaimer I do not own Lucifer or legacies.


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On October 1st 2015, we lost an angel and fans hearts went with him on his journey to the end of his life. But one day will change his family's' life forever.