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30 Days of Horror Challenge! 1. Nightmare - Evan X Connor 2. Dolls - Jared X Evan 3. Serial Killer - Connor X Jared 4. Possession - Evan X Jared X Connor 5. Zombies - Evan X Zoe 6. Prison - Zoe X Alana 7. Phobia - Jared X Evan 8. Vampires - Evan X Connor 9. Cannibalism/Wendigo - Evan X Jared X Connor 10. Mummies - Zoe X Alana 11. Ghosts - Connor X Jared 12. Buried Alive - Zoe X Evan 13. Poison - Jared X Alana 14. Bloody Mary - 15. Illness - 16. Mirrors - 17. Witches - 18. Creation - 19. Cyborg - 20. Monster - 21. Clowns - 22. Haunted House - 23. Monster hunter - 24. Plants - 25. Drowning - 26. Chainsaw - 27. Obsession - 28. Manslaughter - 29. Minor injury - 30. Author's Choice


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I've decided that there aren't enough Connor Murphy X readers. So I've decided to do a book of short images and oneshots because I can't decide on one idea I like the most or how I could string them all together into one story. There'll be some smut/lemons, some fluff and some angst. There will obviously be swearing and probably some mentions of suicide, self harm and other mental health issues. These will probably go between being based on Alex's Connor and Mike's Connor. Because it'll fit different ones better. Although I probably won't explicitly say it in each chapter. Enjoy and I'm sorry for slow updates and any bad spelling or grammar.


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ok so Jared's like real gay btw if you dont like cussing or like depression (not a lot of depression but still) I suggest you not read. anyway I hope yall enjoy


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Just a classic angsty kleinsen story Its my first fanfiction so it's really bad, sorry :P Also it's going to be really short because I only have a basic idea for a plot, but it may end up longer idk Characters do not belong to me, they belong to Dear Evan Hansen


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imagines for: ~ 13 Reasons Why ~ Riverdale ~ The Maze Runner ~Teen Wolf ~ Shadowhunters ~ Harry Potter ~ Marvel ~ DC ~ The Umbrella Academy ~ Julie and the Phantoms ~ Musicals ~ Basically anything I'm interested in ~ Actors from all of the above [REQUESTS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE]


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Dear Evan Hansen, Today is going to be a good day. And here's why: because today . . . today at least you're you. And that's enough.


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[Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.] (College made my sleep schedule worse than it already is, so bear with me until I actually get enough free time for this shit) Ahem... Prepare to be utterly confused Well, kind of. I don't know anymore. It's a 50/50 between "Haha funny" and "What is this shi-" Anyhow you're still reading this so might as well give you an actual description. A world filled with supernatural and mythological stuff without the humans knowing.... Well most of the humans. Some of course know and side with on of the three factions: Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils-- "WHO FUCKING CARES!? SHUT UP YOU NERD! WE GET IT! THREE FACTIONS BUTT FUCKING EACH OTHER WITH DILDO SHAPED LEGOS! AAAH--" ... I don't know why I keep this thing alive anymore. But it's kinda fun Starring Y/n L/n. Welcome to the world of DxD. A young lad with quite the... Mentality... Let's go with that. This book will have multiple endings, I can't say the exact amount since I'm a moron. First ending complete. "Like a Yakuza... Not really." A rushed ending where nothing makes sense. But it's funny... Hopefully. Skim chapter 17-19 since it's the first Ending which doesn't even give a fuck about DxD lmao. Imagine making a DxD story about DxD. Started: November 9 - 2020 Expect SOME 4th wall breaks. That's a lie, expect them occasionally. I do not own Highschool DxD,so please do not ban me. I also don't own the pictures used in here, I mostly Google them and just download, then edit them using a meme generator... You heard me right... A meme generator... God fucking dammit. What am I doing with my life? Bababouy


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One shots for many fandoms. Requests are currently not being taken but you are free to read all of the one shots that have already been written. :)


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Everytime you cringe in this story makes me more powerful. For I, The Running Fruit, reach the high rankings in #cringe. Edit August 18th 2022: Give me back my #1 cringe, you motherfuckers. Anyhow here's the description that you're trying to read only to be interrupt led by a roblox noob. [College is a bitch. I want to update this, but I'm getting frequent headaches, so hear with me until I do] Welcome to Teyvat. A fantasy world that you're stuck in because of an unknown god who calls herself the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles. And guess what? your friends, the twins, got separated from you. Now it's up to you, Y/n L/n to find them and possibly leave this world that gives you a pain in the head... Or probably stay, honestly you're probably having existintial crisis. I donnu, bro. It's your life, I'm just a narrator in this shitpost story written by a banana on drugs. Your new adventure begins alongside your Emergency Foo-I mean Guide Paimon. Expect SOME 4th wall breaks. And by that I mean every chapter. I do not own Genshin impact. If I did my parents would be proud of me of accomplishing something in my life which I haven't.. I also don't own any art/pictures used in here, I just download what I see in Google images after a small search. So no pictures are mine. Started: November 11 - 2020 You're still reading the description? Well, if you do decide to read the story, keep your expectations low so you're never dissapointed