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Read story Dangerous Game

Author: xoGraceLynnxo

Category: Romance

Update: 16-08-2020

Status: Writing

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She's the new girl. They're looking for a new game. He didn't care about anything but the game. She doesn't want to play... They want her in.

Faye Winters and her family have been living in the middle class her whole life, but her fathers job promotion and new love life suddenly gives them the boost they needed to be thrown into the life of luxury.

Pissed off and shipped to a new country, Faye and her brothers are forced to adapt to having toothpaste that costs more than anything they owned back home combined, and having friends that would stab them in the back given the opportunity. In a school full of snobby rich kids, your family paycheck determines your place. Unfortunately for them, the Winters new income gets a lot of attention from those they don't want it from.

Little did they know.. this attention will either bring them to their knees, or put them in the position to put others on theirs.

To add to the list of Fayes problems, one of the elite game players takes interest in her. Cocky, rude and semi stalkery, Faye wants nothing more than to stay away from him and his friends drama. But everyone knows that when Jace Perrish spots something he wants, he always gets it.

Mature 18+

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