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Dancing in the stars

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Selin Sever is a very talentful and dedicated young ballet dancer who is back to Istanbul for a special presentation. Demi̇r Erendi̇l is a 30 years old traumatologist at the Istanbul General Hospital, the biggest hospital in Istanbul. Based on their friendship circles they would never meet, but life has its own way of bringing people together. The night Selin will perform at Süreyya Operası is the same night as Demir's birthday. It would be a normal night for him, but his best friend Vedat decides he needs a break and takes him to dinner at a restaurant next to the opera. And this is the moment when Selin and Demir's ways clash. Literally. A drunk driver crosses the sign and hits Selin when she's leaving the limo to go to her presentation. The big noise catches Demir's attention and the screams put him on alert. He is the only doctor at the place, he is the only person who could save Selin's life. But in the end, Selin would be the one who would save Demir.
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Year: 1258 Place: Goryeo "Our love is like the plum blossom, The freezing snow can't bury it..." "Do you honestly believe that such poetic lines are going to calm my anxious heart!" She shouted, her eyes blur with tears. Gently holding her by her shoulders he reassured, "If I die, I die for Goryeo." Although she wished she could shed some tears and prevent him from leaving; she knew it was impossible. No amount of tears, loss or death was going to stop him from partaking in this war. He gently hugged her, with love and reassurance. Could the time freeze like snow? Can this moment last for eternity? Could I never say goodbye? Her mind raced with thoughts and her eyes flooded with tears. But time never stood still. He moved away and briskly walked past her. Stopping for a second, he looked at Kyung Hae saying, "Take care of her." With that, he left. A saga of love and death A tale of war and peace 한 송이 매화 Han Song-i Maehwa The Last Plum Blossom