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One woman will do everything in order to get the freedom for the two women she loves more than herself, the only family she has, and the only hope and strength she had to keep going for them

A fighter for Love 'cause in a world where a man chasing after you to, imprisoned and trained little girls to be their greatest weapon

A deal is a deal and a curse is a curse, it had to be done and has to end it.
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Olivia Barton has been living a secret life without even knowing, when she meets a certain teacher it all starts to unravel and fall apart but she found safety in the arms of Miss Romanoff.


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Ava Welters has always wondered who her soulmates were she started to give up all of her friends have met theirs although they don't have multiple or as many soul mark than her she still feels upset that her mates haven't shown up yet. But no matter life goes on she has to keep living she has to graduate high school and go to college. She has always wanted to go to NYU Steve R Tony S Bruce B Natasha R Clint B Thor Peter p They were the avengers they should be able to find their mate. they were put on a team because they all have the same soul mark. They fought aliens and yet they can't seem to find their soulmate it's frustrating to all of them. It's been a whole year since the attack on New York and as they search for their mate tension has been rising. They need to find their mate and soon. More chapters coming soon. FYI the ages of the avengers(Tony) do not a line with the official story line.


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You were 8 when A flood hit the earth Mcu characters involved, loads that are in love with you but you choose Natasha. -------------------------------------- Now mostly in the story you are 22 NatXFemReader ----------------------------------- (MY FIRST EVER STORY) (First 3 chapters are back stories go to chapter 4 a.k.a chapter "Love at first sight" to truly read the story) SO GRATEFUL FOR 5K READS!!


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As far as inappropriate relationships go you've played it fairly safe most of your life, well that's what you'd like everyone to believe. Falling for not one but two girls leaves you with a difficult choice. Who's heart do you want to break, your boss's or her Assistant's. With Natasha's contact and Wanda as your girlfriend there's only two rules. One, don't let Natasha win. Two, don't get caught. So the question is who do you want? And who's heart are you going to break?


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Reader and Natasha smutty one shots Fem!Reader


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Thee Florence Pugh is looking for a bodyguard and a chauffeur. Lucky for her Samantha Brown was looking for a job. They share tears of joy and tears of sadness. Florence doesn't know what she is, but one thing she does know is that she loves Sam. Will people's opinions change their lives? Families will fall apart. Friendships ruined, is their love strong enough to get past this?


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A story of which being Tony Stark's daughter and having powers is the definition of Chaos. [spider-man: homecoming - spider-man: no way home] #1 - spiderman #1 - marvel


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Wanda and Vision were happy together since Vision saved her in Sokovia, after Wanda had Sophia they became a family. Sophia is now 17 years old, Wanda found out she was pregnant with her right before she was taken to prison along with her friends. Sophia was born in Wakanda right after Steve Rogers rescued his friends. Wanda left Sophia with Pepper Potts when she was 12 to get back to Wakanda. When Sophia's parents knew about Thanos they knew, they may not make it alive and they were right. After Thanos killed Vision and Wanda disappeared in the blip, Sophia was left an orphan. Natasha Romanoff took care of her, she constantly made sure to remind her that she's doing everything she can to get her parents back. Five years later Sophia got her mom back but lost the woman who raised her for the past five years. Natasha was her best friend, her support system, the one who picked her up after her father died and her mother disappeared. She didn't get her father back, it was just her and her mom against the world. Or so she thought? (Takes place in the WandaVision era and after) (GXG story) DISCLAIMER! ALL THE RIGHTS FOR THE CHARACTERS BELONG TO MARVEL. I MADE UP SOPHIA AND IVY. ~~~~~ THERE IS A USE TO THE WANDAVISION SCRIPT- ALSO ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO MARVEL. ~~~~ This book contains spoilers to WandaVision, Avengers Endgame and Avengers Infinity war. ~~~~ My books are for fun hope you'll like it :)


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โ๐ˆ ๐ƒ๐Ž๐'๐“ ๐๐„๐„๐ƒ ๐€ ๐๐”๐ˆ๐‘๐Š. ๐ˆ'๐Œ ๐€ ๐†๐„๐๐ˆ๐”๐’.โž ๐ˆ๐ ๐–๐‡๐ˆ๐‚๐‡ an overly sarcastic quirkless young teen drives to be a hero unlike any other. being quirkless wasn't a hindrance for she was a certified genius; creating a high-tech weaponized armored suit as her ticket to the hero world. โ–ƒโ–ƒโ–ƒโ–ƒโ–ƒโ–ƒโ–ƒ ๐‡๐Ž๐–๐„๐•๐„๐‘, the burning desire for a better society had blossomed her unbridled ambition to reach the sun, gradually melting her wings as she descended, from the vast cosmos to the pit of void, where nothingness had awaken her from the world she deluded herself in. [ bnha various x avenger!reader ] ยฉ marvel / stan lee ยฉ bnha / kohei horikoshi ยฉ genius / VER4LUVS