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Crazy Roots - Lizzie Saltzman & Kai Parker

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Once Lizzie finds out about a thing called "Merge", she has to know what it's about. So, in a secret from her family, she decides to use the Therapy Box, hoping it would help her understand what does it mean, and why her father doesn't seem to pleased to talk about it.. But, something goes wrong, and quickly enough, Lizzie finds out, she's not really in the Therapy Box, as she firstly thought. And, in addition, she gets to meet someone from her family, whom she's heard stories about, and whom wanted her dead as a child. Now, she has to find a way out of a Prison World, and protect herself, from any danger she may got herself into..
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❝That's because he chose me, Elena. For the first time in our lives, someone put my happiness and my safety... before yours.❝ [ the vampire diaries ] [ season 2 - 4 ] 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐝: 𝐉𝐮𝐧𝐞 𝟏𝐬𝐭 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐝:


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Y/n L/n is a sorceress living with the Avengers, bringing things like Saturday night potions games and endless entertainment to the tower that catches the eye of Loki. All characters are owned by Stan Lee and Marvel, the storyline belongs to me *Contains swearing* Highest Ranking: #1 in #lokifanfic #1 in #lokilaufeyson #1 in #loki #1 in #avengers #1 in #avengersfanfiction #1 in #pietromaximoff #1 in #sorcery #1 in #samwilson #1 in #marvel #1 in #lokixreader #1 in #marvelfanfiction #1 in #steverodgers #1 in #brucebanner #1 in #clintbarton #4 in #buckybarnes #7 in #fanfiction Started: Jan 13, 2022 Finished: ?


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Why is the oldest Gilbert never part of the story? Grace fled Mystic Falls after her parents died in an accident because she couldn't cope with the horrible grief. When she comes back, she isn't the shy, victimized school girl anymore. She developed into a confident young woman and ready to take over responsibility for her younger siblings. But how will she react to the truth about the things she missed when she was gone? Cover credit goes to the lovely @esthefanyarodriguez Highest rank: #48 in fanfiction


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People often believe that I'm lovely. That I'm the nice one. I'm not. My name is Professor Elizabeth Caine, the Remembrance of the Dead, and what parts of me are left Time Lord instead of just a computer are far from lovely. You see, my life never allowed me to keep these parts of myself, because between my husband beating me to the point of miscarriage, my brother regularly blowing up the universe and all the constant strays he brings home, I have had to pick away anything fragile to the point I am as cold and as hard as the Matrix that I was once a part of. If I wanted to, I could make you stand before your greatest fear until your heart gave out from terror. Or balance on a tightrope when you've just spun around like a top. I could take whatever I wanted without a care and the only reason I don't is because I know it will upset my brother who did his best to teach me right from wrong. I may not be lovely, but I am still Lost In Translation of changing the programming of who I was into who I am now. Let's see if this time I can work it out.


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The grammar in this book is horrible so you can either read it after I am done editing or you can risk yourself to bad grammar. Kim Taehyung a dangerous mafai bumps into a boy while going after completing his mission and falls in love with him the moment he laid his eyes on him. Bottom Jungkook Top taehyung Main couple Taekook Side couple YoonMin NamJin Hona Will he love him or stay away from him as he is a mafia?? I was insipred by Madi Khushitae and lolitaÃidiot


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"Know that you, you dug your own grave, now lie in it You're so cruel, but revenge is a dish best served cold I see red." In which, the adopted sister of the devil himself had her heart broken by the Original hybrid 17 years ago. BEST RANKINGS #1 IN CAROLINEFORBES [25/4/22] #1 IN HOPEMIKAELSON [22/2/22] #1 IN ELENAGILBERT [28/10/21] #1 IN LIZZIESALTZMAN [7/10/21] #1 IN TYLERLOCKWOOD[22/10/21] #1 IN LANDONKIRBY [20/10/21] #2 IN KLAUS [8/10/21] #2 IN FORBES [6/10/21] #6 IN STEFANSALVATORE [23/10/21] #6 IN FREYAMIKAELSON [6/10/21] #7 IN ALARICSALTZMAN [4/10/21] #9 IN LEGACIES [20/10/21] #14 IN DAMONSALVATORE [14/10/21]


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What happens when a bunch of people are teleported to watch the life of our favorite Kryptonian? Hold on tight and find out...