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Crashed Into a Gangster

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Started Jan. 2019
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Rio fanfic [au]

When a registered nurse of Detroit crashes her car into the car of a gangster, everything changes. Victoria Stone's life soon becomes lethally unraveled in the notorious gang leader's hands, due to his dangerous temper. And she is soon forced to work for him - in saving the lives of his fellow gang members. They're dangerous. But above all, Rio, this mysterious yet sexy gang leader tends to hold an immense dominant power over Victoria. And no matter how much she tries to pull away from him, eventually, his charming smile just keeps creeping back into her head.

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"This is amazing! You managed to fully catch Rio how he lives and breathes. The upbuilding excitement is an artwork, very beautiful and thrilling. This is amazing, thank you so much for this book!" - @Carterrio

"Amazing, very climatic and steamy..." - @laura-n-3xx

"Such a thrill! Love it." - @xxxPurplerosexxx

"Amazing." - @cherylcherry3

"Omg... More please. I'm addicted to this story." - @Lucky_stars07

"I need more..." - @AceQueen12
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1 BONUS CHAPTER IS NOW UP! Sequel to Crashed Into a Gangster! With her inevitable feelings aroused, Victoria dwells into Rio's world, his aura, his business that she has not yet entirely discovered. Now, with the two criminals that contain a deep passion for one another, Victoria is taken into Rio's perceptive on business handling - as she stands by his side regardless of the baleful consequences. "This is single handily the best story I've ever read on Wattpad...❤️" - @jayalexisss_


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