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[Completed]Winter Bearᴷᵀᴴ

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"Хэтэрхий их хайртайгаасаа болоод хэзээ ч буцааж болохгүй алдаа хийчихсэн юм."


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❝How old are you❞ jungkook asked. You just put two fingers infront of him. ❝2!?❞he asked with a frown. ❝T-twenty❞you said nervously after shaking your head as *NO* ❝I used to mentally laugh at your dad whenever he calls you baby..... until I meet you❞ he said with a chuckle. ❝And here you are......actually a baby❞ you heard him again. ❝D-don't call me baby.....I'm m-mature❞ you said with angry pout. He smiled at your cuteness. ❝Cupid did an amazing job......cause you are my baby......My baby wife❞ he said snuggling his face in the crook of your neck. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A story about a cold Mafia business man finding a cute, clumsy and sweet girl as a life partner. A story about how an arrange marriage turn into love. A story about how an innocent angel become the devils breathing and heartbeat. A story filled with cliché and cringy stuffs like poor, weak, sweet girl with cold rude heartless millionaire and of course Hot Guy. 🔞Different different warning for slightly smut and fully smut Read at your own risk⚠ 💋English is not my first language. Nor I'm an experienced writer. So please don't comment something judgemental. 💋BUT You're always welcome to provide suggestions. Please be nice to everyone, it doesn't cost anything. Cover designed by ✨its_pihu1997✨ Story concept by ✨zarabunny97✨ About plot writing, editing and story line, all the rights reserved to @swaeg001 Started: 31st December, 2020 Finished: 10th October, 2021 ✨Achievement: #1 in btsjk #1 in btsff #1 in watty #1 in agony #1 in btsboys #1 in btsarmy #1 in btsfanfic #1 in fanclub #1 in arrangedmarriage #1 in maturethemes #2 in btsscenarios #3 in jeongguk #3 in lovestory #3 in btssmut #3 in jimin #5 in taehyung #8 in Rude [✨I'm definitely happy with this✨]


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"ICarus" Цус сорогч, хүн чоно, ид шидийн амьтад байдаг бол яах вэ? Тэр тусмаа чиний төсөөллөөс хэтэрхий хол давахаар аймшигт араатнууд байвал юу болох бол? Үүгээр ч зогсохгүй чи тэр аймшигт араатны гол золиос бол..? #2019.5.25-8.24✨


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Би цаснаас ч цагаахан далавчтай сахиусан тэнгэр байхаар төрсөн ч цусанд будагдчихсан тамын элч болоод хувирчихсан. "ICARUS" өгүүллэгийн 2-р бүлэг бөгөөд өмнөх бүлэгтэйгээ холбоотой тул та 1-р бүлгийг эхэлж уншина уу. 2020.02.11-


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⚠️အမှောင်မကြိုက်လျှင် လုံးဝမဖတ်ပါနဲ့ ⚠️idol image လုံးဝထိခိုက်စေဖို့ မဟုတ်ပါ ⚠️မကြိုက်လျှင်မဖတ်ပါနဲ့ ဖတ်ပြီးလျှင်မ blameပါနဲ့ အပေါ်ကအချက်တေလိုက်နာနိုင်မှဖတ်ပါ။ (Warning စိုတာအားရားလို့ရေးထားတာမဟုတ်ပါ။ ကိုယ်နဲ့ အဆင်ပြေမပြေသိရအောင်ရေးထားတာပါ။ warning ကိုကျော်ပြီးတော့မဖတ်ပါနဲ့။ သေချာဖတ်ပြီးကိုယ်နဲ့ကိုက်မကိုက်သေချာစဉ်းစားပြီးမှဖတ်ပါ။)


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"you're all mine; the hair, the lips, the body, it's all mine." • highest rankings • - #1 in jimin - #1 in pjm - #1 in btsfanfic cover by: @TheChristianChimChim on Wattpad


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Дэлгэцний цаанаас л хардаг энэ өчүүхэн амьдрал минь чамайг өөрийн болгох дурлалд сохорчээ. "Намайг эндээс авраач!" No.1 #ShortStory 2019.5.18-11.01✨


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"I'll marry you when I grow up." The little Prince chimes as he steadies himself to walk on top of an old abandoned log. "You can't. A Prince should marry a Princess, and I'm not a Princess so you can't marry me."She says before resuming back to the coloring book in front of her. With a grunt he hops off the wood. "My mom said I can do whatever I want when im King. And I want to marry you. Simple as that." 02/14/2021 HR : 67# in FanFiction 04/19/2021 HR : 60# in Fanfiction