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COMMUNICATIONS and Other Shiz by Ghostie-P 【GHOST】

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How do you spend a cold winter day when the weather calls for fatal dust storms all afternoon? Well, if you're Arc, you treat your sister to a surprise robbery at the local Walmart.


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hello gjonst characters all are moving into the same house. wait what happened to the mirrors @Fukase__ ( ・'ω・')b 2/6 1st in communications 1/26 4th in Moth 5/7 1st in Novocaine 1/26 3rd in Kennith 1/26 4th in Charon 5/7 5th in Ghost and Pals


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Everyone wants to know what happened after the fight at the gas station. So what did? Oo spooky......


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nancey and crab ladie go to macy's and find some kiddos WARNING: ORIGINAL CONTENT DO NOT STEAL (also fundip used at 12:00 PM) @mymorbidcuriousity has the sequal / henry's POV


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Hot Topic is amazing so yeah.....Henry and Kenny. Greg works at Hot Topic now, so yeah. This will be the best story ever. WARNING: ORIGINAL CONTENT DO NOT STEAL. FUNDIP USED AT 12 PM @Henryloid has Nancy and Frances POV