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Coma ~ A Sprace Story

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Race is in a coma. Spot has never left his side since Race was rushed to a hospital. The doctors say that if Race doesn't wake up soon, they will have no other choice but to declare him dead. Spot can't let that happen. Spot knows that he can get Race to wake up...but how?


No homophobia, profanities, slurs, etc. or any other hate allowed.

This story is complete. I'm still figuring out Wattpad if it says it isn't.
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trying to escape her past, Cameron kelly becomes a newsie with her brother jack, life's finally great and she's in love, but eventually her past will come back to haunt her, and no matter how hard she tries to run, she will never outrun the pain. (all character rights (except Cameron, emma and Emma's family) go to the 1992 film newsies)


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When Racetrack Higgins and Spot Conlon see each other for the first time, it's love at first sight for Race. However, he's convinced that he could never win the heart of the King 'o Brooklyn. Well, Spot would like to test that theory. If I make a typo, first thing ya do is assume it's me trying to type out their accent. If you'se really think it's not an accent typo, then you'se can let me know.


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Frank is twenty eight: he's mentally stable for the most part, and well nobody has to know about pills he takes twice a day, do they? He's normal now, he's a person now, he's a fucking adult with an office job and he fucking hates it and that's fine, because he got out of the mental hospital three years ago, and these past three years of mundane nothingness have been the best three years of his life. Ten years ago, or so, Frank was in love with a boy called Gerard with fiery red hair and the personality of a switchblade knife, and ten years ago that boy called Gerard had killed himself. Frank still saw him though: hallucinations, as he knew them to be now, and it took him years in a hospital he never thought he'd get out of to convince himself of his newfound sanity, but he was okay now. Twenty eight year old Frank Iero had been officially 'okay' since he was twenty five. He hadn't seen Gerard again, and he didn't even think about the guy - he was just normal, and he was almost painfully content with being the secretary to someone with a five figure salary. But of course, on one fateful morning in December, that has to go and change, doesn't it? (Technically a sequel to Summertime, but I wouldn't say you need to have read Summertime to understand and enjoy this)


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in which joan kloppman grows up whilest fighting for something that is right or in which spot conlon has to realize what is most important to him -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their story isn't easy nor will it ever be. It's not only a story about love, its about growing up together. physically and mentally.


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[1899] Catarina "Cat" O'Conner is freshly moved to America from Ireland. Her family back home in ruins, she is hoping to create a better life for herself. As she blindly wanders the streets of New York, she finds herself at the doorstep of the Brooklyn Newsies. She is soft, naive, and fueled by hope and aspiration. Quickly joining the newsboys, she finds herself caught up in a newsie strike and a certain blue eyed Brooklyn leader. Disclaimer: in the midst of editing my hilariously cringey 11 year old self's writing (highest ranking: #1 in #spot; #1 in #newsies)


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Collection of imagines about Newsies Live from Broadway. Right now, characters include Race, Spot, Specs, and general Newsies. Feel free to leave a request!