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Cody x Reader Total Drama Island

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Total drama boys AND girls from all seasons! Requests are open! No NSFW. All characters in this story are under 18. Started: January 30th, 2021


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Hi I don't know if this is satire/ironic or not, all I know is that I've been on a Total Drama kick and I spent the last half hour sending crappy Cody fanart to my friend.


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(Y/n) Mclean, labeled as "The intern" is the daughter of the host Chris Mclean. She was just part of the camera crew until her father begged for her to be in Season 2, did she accept or not? Find out and Welcome to this Total. Drama. Fanfic! Copyright Β© 2020 Uriel_Sinclair, inc. all rights reserved. No reposting, modifying, or translation of any kind allowed. Unless you have permission to do so, Thank you for your cooperation. Disclaimer: I do not own the Total Drama characters portrayed in this story besides the ones I've created. This is an X reader but please keep the mean comments about the outfit and the personality if it isn't your style. Warning: - mild suggestive themes, don't read if it makes you uncomfortable. - fourth wall breaks. It cannot be fixed πŸ₯² - A lot of references from different fandoms. You can only find this fanfic here on Wattpad, to discourage plagiarism.


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{LSD} Maybe in another life you could've settled down, it was all you wanted. But not this life. This life became your tragic story, a painful book that you thought was left unfinished. Maybe that was a good thing. But like all stories, your pages have an end, and yours could be the honey-eyed girl that picked up the pen, and might just destroy your already broken heart. (Madison/You) (G!P You, Dominant/You) TW: Drug use Addiction Sexual themes Violence COVER BY @THENAMEISZETH


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"You're a dork." "Yeah, but now I'm your dork." "Damn it, your right." My best friend sent me here to find love. Never thought I'd actually find it. . I do NOT own Total Drama or any of the characters other that (Y/N)!!


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So whatssupp, here are some Total Drama oneshots of characters from any season. I will take requests! started: December 3rd 2019β™‘


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This will be a boyfriend scenarios and oneshot's story that uses characters from all the seasons of Total Drama and from Ridonculous Race. I can't include every character at first, but with requests, I will add them. I hope you enjoy!


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(I take requests) I know that this fandom has a bad rep, but I fell in love with the show after rewatching it for nostalgia. I was so inspired that I wanted to make this book. So here it is. I don't own the characters or art, unless I say otherwise. Characters so far. More are coming: β€’Noah β€’Heather β€’DJ β€’Owen β€’Cody β€’Geoff β€’Eva β€’Duncan Started: 7-24-19


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Basically, yeah