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Paano kapag May isang Transferre sa School nyo Na hindi nyo Inaakalang Mapadpad pala sa Section nyo At ang mas malala pa don ay Isa syang babae Makakayanan nya kayang Tagalan ang Section nyo na Puno ng Basagulero At mga pasaway Sya nga ang kailangan mag tiis? O kayo dahil sa Ugaling Meron ito Ano nga bang Mangyayari sa Section nyo Pag nag karoon na ng babae ang Section nyo Ang Nag Iisang Babae ng Section A-1 Ang Babaeng Maangas ang Datingan Babaeng Medyo Bastos Babaeng Siraulo Babaeng Mahilig Mamikon Babaeng Palipat Lipat ng Pinapasukang Paaralan Dahil sa Katigasan ng Ulo Babaeng Walang Ginawa Kundi ang Makipag Basag Ulo At Ang Nag Iisang Babae na Magpapabago ng Section A-1 Her name is Ambher Myles Jayahcinth Diel Luna She's the badass and THE ONE AND ONLY PRINCESS OF SECTION A-1 Sa Section lang nga ba ninyo ito Prinsesa o may iba pa?


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❝Mummy, why can't you marry Harry Styles?❞ *** 21-year-old Leah Marrone was never successful in love. But she is a loving and doting mother who would do anything to make her daughter smile. 4-year-old Piper Marrone is a beautiful, bubbly young girl who has lived practically fatherless all her life. She doesn't like the 'Itsy-Bitsy Spider', and she wouldn't sing along to 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'. The only thing she would ever listen to is the music of Harry Styles - whose voice was the only music she had been hearing ever since she was curled up tight in her mother's womb. Piper adores Harry Styles, and would always listen with total admiration and fascination whenever she hears his voice on the radio. She loves him just as much as her mother does. So when Leah, devoted mother that she is, becomes determined to take her baby girl to Harry's secret London show...she has no idea how much her persistence would change her life forever. **This story contains strong language and sexual content.** Copyright © 2017 Shani_Shana99 All Rights Reserved. The Harry manip in the cover is NOT mine. All credit goes to the creator. Best Rankings: #6 in 'harrystyles' #31 in 'fanfiction'


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BOOK 2 IN 'THE FOR KEEPS' SERIES Liam, Mason and Gavin are back, but are things better than ever? Mason and Gavin have brought a condo together, they're progressing quickly and without hiccup in their relationship. Things are looking excellent with their third as well, or so they thought. Turns out, Liam is having feelings of discontent. How will the three of them overcome these bumps in the road? Wattpad decided to delete the original Everlasting but guess what?? I have backups. Please find it in your heart not to report my works you immature cunts. :) Thanks.


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The title says it all and I will do smut imagines. They will get kinky so I hope you don't mind. If they are smut they'll have a € by them. And please vote. Check out my other stories.


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Outerbanks imagines! . If you want to read something specific, please send me a dm or comment on a chapter on what to like to read and about who. You can request one by sending me a dm!


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Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, after fighting and sealing the nine-tailed fox in to there son Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze fall in a deep coma. 13 years to be exect. What will happen when they finallly wake up? How will they react to what happened to Naruto? Well read to find out! ❗I DON'T OWN NARUTO❗


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Sure, Richard "Dick" Grayson has saved many people as Robin and now Nightwing. But in the uniform he can use all of his skills and talents. In civilian clothes he can't in order to protect his identity. But that won't stop him from saving others, even at the cost of his own life.


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Here's something all Fans of Andy Biersack will enjoy! Some sweet sexy smut! You must read this you'll totally fangirl it up! But hey no shame in fangirling!! These are a series of fanfic and smut that'll have you drooling enjoy. God that sounded creepy sorry


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