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// Childe x Zhongli Short Oneshots // Genshin Impact

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Here's a series of Chili short oneshots (5 Minute Oneshots)

Cover: Original art by miHoYo, edit by Elizabeth Lau on Pinterest

Side note: If you are looking for ZhongChi (Aka Zhongli top-ing Childe), then I suggest you look for other fics cuz this is all ChiLi, my friend, have a good day :D

(Yes it's finished at 29 oneshots.)
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One short story for every each male lead characters x fem reader. First contents will be the four male leads : Diluc Childe Zhongli kaeya A Warning for age restriction: 18+ content are included. ⚠️ Please understand that the content of this fanfiction contains: Erotic/smut ⚠️ This is also a pure fanfiction for readers.


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[just changed the cover] A bunch of short stories (otherwise known as one shots) that may or may not be finished, that follow two popular genshin impact characters, Zhongli and Childe. 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐞 × 𝐙𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐢 ᴏɴᴇ sʜᴏᴛs ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ These one shots are purely for my own enjoyment. Any story that I think I would have any fun writing will probably be stored here. And maybe just maybe, we can both get some enjoyment from this. Also I apologize for any small grammar or spelling mistakes, I do have dyslexia so my writing may not be the best. But I'll correct mistakes when I can. I don't see myself as a good writer, but you know you have to start somewhere, right? Trigger warning, may have mature themes, and follows much of the genshin content → I'll make sure to have trigger warnings for each individual chapter. -ˋˏ Make sure to vote if you enjoy my stories ˎˊ-


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oneshots for our fictional desires enjoy my repetitive tropes and scenes lmao im sorry - Relationships are romantic - Sensitive themes and mature language - No sexual content, though it may be implied - More dominant male character ;) (I will be avoiding specific pronouns where I can, so most of my work is gender neutral to an extent - older works tend to be female x character due to very unfortunate self insert moments) Probably uneditedd - actually all of it is unedited


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The Light of Kshahrewar is a talented beauty, the sun itself some could say. His repuation is most to consider, and he for one is just as proud of himself. But after mysteriously being put into debt after building the Palace Alcazarzaray, he forces himself to the only person he can go to. The lion often bickers with the crow, for what reasons seem impossible to understand. Little do they both know that a vicious enemy has entered their life, and they'll both suffer through guilt and pain if it means to save their city. :Warnings: Blood Violence Action Fear Death Angst


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[Very slow updates + Editing old pages] I will work on the description and title soon, I can't think of anything to write here. Please tell me if there are any grammar mistakes! (Keep in mind that I will usually change some things in pages, like the wording and others.)


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*COMPLETED* (Y.O.L.O stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE) *** Carter Jones, the school nerd, and Killian Henderson, the reputated troublemaker, somehow end up getting detention together. "How about we make a bet?" Offered Killian, his pistachio-green eyes drilling into mine as a playful smile lingered on his lips. "A bet?" I gulped, intimidated by how close he was sitting next to me. He nodded and raised four fingers, the ones with the letters "Y.O.L.O" tattooed on them, wriggling them in front of me with his ever-so-confident grin. "Four dares, Jones, just you and me." And that's how it all started. *** Rankings: #fiction #featured #queer #gay #depression #bl #youngadult #featured #comedy #bisexual #manxman #teen fiction #boyxboy #bxb #LGBT #romance Cover designed by Holly Thurston


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As a member of the Fatui military, it is extremely important to follow the rules of your superiors. Betraying them would be similar to a death sentence. What would Scaramouche do if there were to be a traitor right in front of him? ••• This is a Scaramouche x Fem!Fatui!Reader fanfic Also this will have Electro Delusion!Scaramouche ⚠️All characters in this fanfic are 18 or older and will be seen as such⚠️ ⚠️ ATTENTION: In the chapters "The Trio of Best Friends", "The Northland Bank", and "The Ten Million Mora Bounty" there are brief mentions of Chilumi (Childe confesses to having feelings for Lumine). If that makes you uncomfortable, please don't read!⚠️ The cover fanart belongs to @Zentouu from Twitter. Thank you for the wonderful art. If you want to listen to music while reading the fanfic, you can go look for the playlists: 🎶 "getting stepped on by Scaramouche" by Kazu on Spotify 🎶 🎶 "Dirty, Little, Traitor [PLAYLIST]" by Kazu on Spotify 🎶 This fanfic's entirety was written by me! I DO NOT OWN GENSHIN IMPACT NOR ITS CHARACTERS Copyright © 2020 miHoYo


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WATTYS WINNER When her fiancé ends up in a coma and his secret mistress, Halley, shows up, Mary feels like her world is falling apart. What she doesn't realize is she's actually falling in love...with Halley. ***** Eight years after a traumatizing accident that killed one of her loved ones, Mary Kincaid is about to marry her childhood sweetheart when the universe yanks the rug out from under her yet again, leaving her fiancé badly injured and in a coma. Of course this is when his secret mistress shows up, a beautiful person whom Mary should by all rights hate - so why does she find herself inviting her to stay in the spare bedroom? She soon learns that sometimes the person you're looking for comes when you're not looking at all. Content and/or trigger warning: This story mentions violence, addiction, and childhood trauma, which may be triggering for some readers. [[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]


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DC--- This is the sequel to Heatwaves by tbhyourelame on AO3 summary: After years of online calls, late night texting, and out of sync sleep schedules, Sapnap and George finally visit Florida. Dream's aspiration to truly know himself is met with the return of missed chances, and uncertainty. Placed in the dead center of his humid, overwhelming life, he and George are bound to confront the inevitable. "Has it rained?" George asks suddenly. Dream's thoughts snap away from the drifting green and cloudless sky, returning to earth once more. His lips part in silence. George's voice was soft when he'd uttered the words, and for a reason he cannot place, Dream finds himself glancing to the back of Sapnap's head before responding, "Since...summer?"