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Nothing was perfect, the odds were slim, but whatever it was; it was real. "That crying shit not it. You been feelin like this then we could've talked. I ain't tryna dwell on the situation but I ain't tryna be on nothin' fucked up either." I spoke to her as she nodded. I stood up and pulled her into me as she laid her head on my chest. "I love you Nia. Never forget it." Rah and Nia. Jan 31st 2021


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₊˚.༄ "But I promise you this, I'll always look out for you." - Coldplay, Sparks ₊˚.༄ Started : 27.12.2022 Published : 31.12.2022 Finished : Neteyam x fem!oc


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❝ I fear no evil, the shadow is mine and so is the valley. ❞ Claudia Violetta Romani-Morello, a cold fifteen year old girl who lives, breathes, and runs off of independence, and her drive for survival, something she'd do anything for, both being the only things she's ever known. She's on the run and plans on doing whatever it takes to survive, no matter the cost, as always. A mafia don after her though, along almost everyone else in the underworld, it's definitely the worst it's ever been in her life. Claudia though, she's prepared and is ready to give whatever it takes to save herself, as always, the only person whose ever stayed. She has the one thing that can bring the entire underworld to complete and utter chaos... and she's ready to use it. To survive, she's taken the risk of going to a mafia don, Rafael Emiliano Morello, the cold man known for his ruthlessness towards anyone who even was so much as a mere inconvenience to him, and in the public eye, one of New York's young, finest bachelors. Her drive for survival had brought her to him, but she had no clue that she was running straight into the arms of her father who she never knew of, and who never knew of her either. With half of the underworld after Claudia, a new father who knows nothing about the life outside of a bachelor mafia don, and a particular boy whose caught her attention, a boy whose off-limits, will it all just help Claudia to get out of this alive, or will it be the thing to tear her down... for good. HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 in mafiadad #1 in survival #1 in loyalty #2 in don #2 in teenager #3 in daughter #2 in father-daughter #3 in lostprincess #7 in mafiadon #9 in longlostdaughter TW: drugs, strong language, mature content, sexual assault, violence


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Are you ready to crave and thirst? IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE, LEAVE THIS BOOK CAUSE IT CONTAINS A LOT OF SMUTS AND SENSUAL IMAGE. Warning: Scene of highly emotional/physical intensity. Might be disturbing and contains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes. Please read at your own risk. Most of the stories were #Jentop so leave if you're uncomfortable with it 😊


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In seventeen-year-old Mia's world, Greek Gods have certainly made their presence known. That's right. Zeus, Hera, Poseideon. They were all real. Even more, people have actually seen them, met them, and sometimes, fell in love with them. They were hailed as supernatural beings, ones that were to be worshiped until the end. But to Mia, it was quite the opposite. For starters, she doesn't even think that they're even that powerful. Yeah, sure, there's thousands of stories about them conquering giant beasts and saving cities from devastating monsters, but those could all be made up. So when these gods come after Mia for a prophecy regarding one of the strongest--and most chaotic--of Olympians, you can certainly bet that she was more than shocked. - - - "You will either be his saving grace or his downfall." - - - Highest rankings (2/27/21): ares - #1 apollo - #9 gods - #1 zeus - #1 hades - #2 athena - #2 greece - #1 greekmythology - #1 Oracle - #2


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I started to imagine what it would be like if Monica and chandler never kept their relationship a secret and started fantasising about things. I don't know where this was going but it's just a bit of fluff... And maybe some smut.


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He couldn't break his gaze off me. The depths of his midnight blue eyes indulged in seeing me squirm under their cold, unforgiving gaze. He had his guards surrounding the house at all times; his face twisted into a sick grin as he tied me up. I will have no chance of getting out . . .unless he gets what his revenge based on the past. {• • •} "I'm going to give you a two minute head start. No men will be on watch. No doors will be locked. You can run and run and run. You can hide and hide and hide. It doesn't matter, Amber, I will always find you. Use these only two free minutes as a chance for hope. A chance to find your way back. . .home." He flashed me his sinister smirk as he loosened the ropes around my wrists and cut the bounds on my ankles that had been depriving my circulation. "Now," he breathed out as he opened the door in front of me and pulled me to my feet. "run." He grinned, turning his head down at the large watch displayed on his wrist. "Clock's ticking." {• • •} Amber Rain was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. She never would've guessed that a night in her town, a night at a dance club could turn her life dangerous. She didn't know it would be her last night of freedom. She didn't know she'd be paying for the crimes of someone else. Caden Moretti is a corrupted man. He is the leader of the Moretti Italian Mafia. Learning how to kill and torture those who posed as a threat to his family at such a young age has pushed him to insanity. He is obsessed with power, money, sex, and vengeance; he has been ever since his dad was murdered right in front of him for the vital secrets he was keeping. Since then, Caden has always been hell-bent on finding the killer and enacting his revenge. And, he's finally found him. Justice will be served, Using the killer's daughter as his weapon. {• • •} ⚠️Mature Content