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Waverley is in true love with her high school sweetheart.
That is until she meets officer haught a new cop in purgatory.
Will she regret meeting her or is it just what she needed
May be you like?


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This is strictly fanfic this means no disrespect to Kat's marriage at all. Hope you all enjoy. Most of these are simple short stories/one shots.


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Waverly held onto me tight like everything in her depended on it. I caressed her face looking into her eyes, my thumbs wiping her tears away from her cheeks. We stayed silent for a moment gently placing my forehead on hers I spoke " No matter what, no matter where I am ... always know I will make sure I am always coming home to you " Follow Nicole and Waverly's journey as they navigate: the army, life,marriage and family


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thank you all for bearing with me 🖤 it feels like a completely different person wrote this story, don't read it it sucks 😂


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Book three of different fandom one shots for GirlXGirl couples.


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Waverly has been tasked with looking after her niece while Wynonna is away on a case with Xavier. The same day that Wynonna heads out of town, a new cop arrives to take over as sheriff. The two women continuously cross paths and Waverly very quickly finds herself falling for the redhead. The women grow closer quicker, but like in any story, there is a few bumps in the road. WARNING Will contain some explicit content and ideas starting from quite early on in the book. I'll probably forget to do individual warnings, so this is a blanket warning.