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Read story Celestial Imperial Arms

Author: armanijones666

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 14-07-2016

Status: Writing

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Lucy quits the guild after she witnesses Natsu and Lisanna kissing on her birthday and her and Natsu's one year anniversary of their first date.

She boards the train not knowing where to go and ends up in the capital. She doesn't know what to do there so she wonders around and finds a forest were finds a choker with star designs all over it and a bottle of golden liquid she picks up the choker and puts it on it shines and attaches to her neck and she suddenly feels herself moving and picks up the bottle of liquid she drinks it all and passes out.
the next day she wakes up and meets the members of Night Raid (before Tatsumi joins, and she is 15 at this time and after she loses Aquarius.) see what happens on her jounery of loses and new found love.

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