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Read story Casting Moonshadows by Moonsign {{COMPLETED}}

Author: clcr3927

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 09-04-2020

Status: Writing

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Summary: Lonely and outcast by his classmates, Remus wishes on a moonshadow for a friend who understands him. To his amazement his wish is answered not once, but three times by his former enemies, the Marauders. This is not my story. I'm copying the chapters to Wattpad because I think it's such a great story. I give full credit to the author: Moonsign on fanfiction/


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List chapter

1. Blood and Moonshadows

2. A White Sheep Named Black

3. The Elusive Friend

4. Reputations and Invisibility Cloaks

5. Hallucinating DeadEyed Horses

6. Birthing Friendships and Vendettas

7. Gather That Magic

8. Hidden Scars

9. First Lie, First Moon

10. A FigLike Appearance

11. The Irony of Double Hurts

12. Remus Watching


14. Questions and Secrets

15. Wishing on Moonshadows

16. Solving the Secret of Friendship

17. A Marauder's Vocation

18. Sirius the Impertinent

19. Blood on the Walls of a Werewolf's Shack

20. The Burn of a Father's Jealously

21. Finding Remus

22. No Bras for Christmas, Only Friends

23. ChildLike Moony

24. The Price of Belonging to You

25. High on PepperUp


27. Eyes in the Dark

28. Transfiguration and Pincushions

29. A Hedgehog Named Hamish

30. Seeing Thestrals

31. Operation Battle Robot


33. We Will See Who Dies Laughing

34. It is all in the Wink

35. Operation Spider Pumpkin

36. The Trials of Mrs Potter

37. Motor Bikes and Naked Girls

38. Its Full Moon, You Had Best Let Me Go

39. Outranked by a Hedgehog

40. The First Animagus Potion

41. The Second Secret

42. Sweeper or Sweepee?

43. I Got You, I Won't Let Go

44. Flying Mutt Hits The Bed

45. A Promise on Marauder's Honour

46. Bellydancing Slytherins

47. Mohawks and Furry Ears


49. Living Shadows

50. Not Quite a Person

51. A Noble Steed Called Hamish

52. The Bronze Smell of Fear

53. Operation Sexy Sock Puppets

54. Lapdog Lupin

55. The Price of Alcohol and Forgiveness

56. Finding Padfoot

57. Hiding Padfoot

58. Under the Skin Spots

59. Welcome To My Hell

60. The Mind of Mooney

61. Operation Rain of Food

62. Who Funds the Dark Lord's Rising?

64. Dark Mark Over Terrace Houses

65. Freedom of the Wolf

66. Canoodling and Career Talks

67. Avenging Remus

68. Brothers and Bloodpops

69. Escaping the Dark

70. Revelations from a Black Past

71. Riding a Moonshadow


73. The Prodigal Club

74. Experimenting and Tapir Mistakes

75. Attack in Rome

76. Yo Ho Ho and a Bottke of Firewhisekey

77. A Thread of Silver

78. Following the Path of Scars

79. Operation Recreate Goblin Battles

80. Blood Moon

81. Avoiding the Splinch

82. Dreadful Hair and Secret Heir

83. Catacombs of Rome

84. Touch Bark

85. The Crooked House

86. Of War and Silver Foxes