Read Story Cant Escape Him #book1#Ironic_reader2020

Cant Escape Him #book1#Ironic_reader2020

Author: ironic_reader2020

Status: Full

Update: 13-04-2021

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couldn't escape, I tripped while I almost made it to the front door.
"where do you think your going?!" he roared, dragging me back in.
"NO! please, let me GO!" I begged, kicking my legs as he has a hard grip on my arm dragging me away from my escape root.
he laughed evilly, "you are not going anywhere, ever again! You are mine forever! and trying to escape is another rule broken, now it's punishment timmmmeee," he sang like an insane person. Then again, HE IS INSANE!

Book 1
There is violence, abuse, strong languages and sex scenes.
Read at your own risk.

*In progress of editing*