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Can't Escape

Author: MyLifeuBTS_13

Status: Full

Update: 02-04-2022

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Story which includes abusive and inappropriate content if you guys are not comfortable with it I say not to read it

Y/n and Taehyung are the couples who are tied up inside the marriage which is love. 3 years past as they already have 1 son who is 2 years old and his name is Eunwoo. Out of sudden one day Taehyung comes and abuse Y/n.
There are some rules given to her and that her
1. Stay in house - if you need to go out Taehyung permission is needed
2. Act happy in front of Eunwoo
3. (Let me not reveal right know if you want to know read the story)

Achievements till now
#1 in ache
#2 in abusive husband
#2 mom
#2 cries
#1 cries

Story by Aarushi_BTS
Characters used in story are not same at all. Take it as a joke as it's just a fanfic. Idol is really cute and sweet at real life get that.

Use of story without author permission is crime. Get that
And sorry for the mistakes in the story as my mother language is in another world rather than English. Hehe