Read Story Can't Escape -2 [Kim Taehyung]

Can't Escape -2 [Kim Taehyung]

Author: MyLifeuBTS_13

Status: Full

Update: 20-04-2022

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Story includes inappropriate behavior and inappropriate things like abuses, harsh words, child abuse and if you are not comfortable with all these things then don't read it.

Words that were left to say. Words that were meant to be kept inside. Everything started falling apart as the situation grew more worse. I tried to fix things but it ended up getting worst with me getting pain and abuses all along. I tried to escape these pain, abuses, wounds, scars but I realized Thant will never happen as this is how I am born.

Rules are made for me and I should follow it otherwise something worse to me comes over.
1. Do not try to go outside the house without any permission.
(Picking Taemin from school is only allowed without permission).

2. If found telling people the things that has happened and will happened. If found severe punishment is given.

3. (Not saying here..... read the story to know it,)

Main male lead: Kim Taehyung
Main female lead: Kim Y/n (Your name)
Male child lead: Kim Taemin

Releasing on: Wed May 19 2021
Ended on:

If found copying and represented in different platforms then severe actions will be taken. Rather then stealing other works try to make your own.
The story is not made to effect any of the life like shown. The characters in real life are not the same. This story is just a fictional one and the events that took place in story are not in reality.