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| ⚠️Dedicated to some of my best friends who like the show! | You, a small child who loves baking, is not only socially awkward but a bit shy, and have a big heart. Due to such social anxiety, it is quite difficult for you to make friends. With parents who are filthy rich but lack the heart that you possess, you find stress easily following you around. Although things may seem bleak, you stumble upon a camp for the thing you love most: Baking! Ecstatic, you beg and plead to your heartless parents to let you go to this camp! Finally, success is on your side. Baking camp is in your future. Unfortunately, luck is not. What is this messed up place? It's certainly not what you signed up for, that's for sure. But the kids here are different, for a change. They seem to like you. You seem to like them. What will you do?


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you, harper have been sent off to a new camp. for adventure and fun, no who am i kidding? your parents just wanna get rid of you. once you arrive to Camp Campbell a certain boy shows interest in you. leading onto new adventures, will what you and max have turn into anything more then just immature shit? TW//CW: drugs, alcohol, sex, certain body parts, curse words etc. (ALSO my story is going to be accurate. stuff Max would actually say. so if he comes off as immature or rude that's his character. ALSO these characters are 16+) I DO NOT OWN THE SHOW CAMP CAMP OR ANY CHARACTERS IN IT.


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When (Y/n) gets hired as a camp counselor she wasn't expecting much. She just wanted a summer job to get away from her adoptive parents. She wasn't expecting to relive past traumas and meeting amazing new people, and reconnecting with an old friend. Guess she's just gotta roll with it. She's been in worse situations after all. ~~~ She/her pronouns There is now a male version of this story! Go check it out if your a male reader who's interested! ~~~ Quick note, I will be changing up a few episodes to make (y/n) fit into the story. I will also be adding scenes just to make the story more interesting! Started: Dec. 29, 2019 Highest Ranking: #1 in CampCampbell #1 in campcamp


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Hope has just broken up with Landon. In Hope's darkest times, her one loyal friend, Josie, has always been there. But what happens when she realizes Josie may be more than just a friend? And what happens when that friendship turns into something that others would kill for? Started - 4 / 06 / 21


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OBVIOUSLY ITS NOT LEMON ITS JUST U IN CAMP THATS ALL! It's u in camp and met a lot of people until u found someone...there's like a lot of people u like but u can only pick one.


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Started: 17.01.2021. Ended: ??? This book is currently getting rewritten, but i'm sadly very busy, so I can't say how often i update. The book cover was made by me, except for the Drawing of Max. All Characters, the Series and the Plot belong to Rooster Teeth, well except for You/Your OC. If I make any mistakes, don't feel shy to correct me, I don't have any problems with that. And also, English isn't my native language, so there will probably be more mistakes than normal. Hope you enjoy!


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You've arrived at your summer job at the run down crap-stain that is camp campbell. Reasonably you have little to no expectations of what to truly expect from the camp. But, one of your co-workers goes a little bit beyond..optimistic. The art in this story is draw by me :3 Please enjoy