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Calista The Gymnast

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(Sequel to "Mini Alex Morgan?")
Calista is the daughter of professional soccer players Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco. She didn't take after her parents and became a soccer superstar. She became a gymnast. She is 12 years old and competing elite. She competes with a torn ACL in a junior elite qualifier meet. She can train with the junior elite gymnasts when she is 13 and compete junior elite when she is 14. She wants to be in the olympics when she is 16. Everyone, except for her friends Rylie and Mia and her parents, have told her it's impossible for her to go to the olympics at that young age. Will she make it to the olympics?
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Y/N Y/LN moved to California with her parents and two little sisters when she was just eleven years old. Her father got a new job as an orthopedic doctor for the Los Angeles Lakers. Since Y/N could walk she's been obsessed with the sport of soccer. Her dream is to go pro and make it to the olympics one day. The next door neighbor has caught Y/Ns attention, but things don't start off on the right foot between them. What happens when the two become teammates? Will they put their differences aside? Y/N is g!p (intersex) Contains mature and sexual content Cover created by: @BrooklynMHM


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we all know about Derek and mark but what if Derek didn't just have a sister and mark also had a sister who just happened to be best friends with Amelia. this story follows around both sloan also could be know as Alondra and Amelia and them reconnecting and then possibly them finding love with different people or maybe with each other some parts of this story or throughout the story will go into flashbacks with them and how they each dealt with the both losts of their brothers and how they also may have become so close with each other.


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Continue with the story of Taylor Press Heath's journey through life. (There's alot more tags)

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Kenma. Let's just say that he's a ball of an anxiety. He doesn't like to talk to people outside the club, he overthinks and thinks he's not ever enough or doing his absolute best so he keeps pushing himself past his limits. But kuroo, he's basically the opposite of him. Kuroo's athletic, bubbly, energetic, nice to hang around and tries to make friends whenever he got the chance. Hi people, this is my first time writing a fanfic You can also comment and tell me some tips/suggestions about writing and tell me if it's good or not thx. I will probably be updating when I have free time but I don't have that very often , so ya .., byee!!


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Harry Potter is a gymnast. A very good one at that. He also horse rides on the side. Though his home life isn't very good. His uncle abuses him making him turn more regularly to his best friends (brothers) mom. He gets invited to go to Romania with the Weasley's. what will happen there? Who will his true friends be? What will happen when someone he knows turns up at his riding stable? mild abuse at the start Some swearing Will be boy x boy Started: 15 march 2020 Finished: ongoing


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In 2014, Alexis Jones thought she would never get out of her mother's hold until to strangers in a grocery store changed her life and taught her how to be loved and how love but most importantly, how to be a family. Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris just needed a few things for the week ahead, they never imagined they would find a part of their lives in the small isle. Join these three women on an extraordinary journey to find one another and See how they develop together along with the rest of their lives.


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This is a small fan fic about imagines about a daughter for Grey's Anatomy. This is not an original story, I got this idea from another person ( their username is @ shimmerfandoms ) I don't own any of the Grey's Anatomy character, I only own my character and her storylines.


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Different stories of Dazai and Chuuya . Each chapter is independant from the others unless i mention it .


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Highest rank #10 in fanfiction. Talia, Elena's younger half-sister, is the daughter of Alaric and Isobel who had to abandon her to protect her from the supernatural, just before Isobel turned. Raised in England by her grandparents and then an abusive adoptive family, Talia seeks out her father and strives to find the truth. Settling into Mystic Falls, she catches the eye of a certain Hybrid. To make matters worse, she finds out that she's destined to be the world's strongest witch, whose sole purpose is to destroy the supernatural world. What will happen to her and the life she craves? Travel with Talia through the journey of her life as she tries to find out her identity. Facing heartbreak and rejection at almost every corner, will she be saved by her new family, supernatural friends and her ultimate love? Love will either save her or destroy her. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © The only characters I own are Talia, Katie, Liam, the Robinsons, Mr. Goodman and a few more that I will add later on in the story. TVD OWNS OTHER CHARACTERS.