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broken Relation

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in this story you can see bani who is madly in love with veer in collage time and veer who plays with bani heart veer is a play boy plays with everygirl heart but never take bad advantage of any girls veer who play with bani heart. what will happen when they meet after 5yrs their Distination bring both togethere
will bani fogive veer?
May be you like?


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My take on the tracks going on in Naagin 5 in Vani's life (veer bani)


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One shots based on the supernatural pair of the series 05 of Naagin- The Cheel Prince Veeranshu Singhania, and the Sarva shreshth Adhi naagin Bani Sharma. Do share your feedbacks and thoughts in the comment corner and feel free to drop writing prompts.


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Peep in to know πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Guys I m writing for the first tym... So sorry in advance for the mistakes 😁


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contains os,ts,3s and may be some short stories too. dedicated to our Vani


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kehte hai pyaar ki koi hadh nhi hoti kya kisi ko kisi se itni mohabbat ho skati hia ki usse apna banane ki chah mein voh puri duniya ko tabha kar de do intne alag insaan jinka milna namumkin sa tha If he is a fire then she is water if he is darkness then she is a sunlight if she is a flower then he is a thorn if she love to save a life then he loves ko kill people if she is innocent then he is ruthless what will happen when kavin Khanna the biggest mafia of Italy fall in love with cid officer purvi how far will he make her his Stay tuned in behadh for more updates


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An avneil ff with magical powers ...