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Boyfriend 4 Rent

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Win is trying to run away from his past while Bright is trying to shake off his playboy persona

What will happen when a frustrated writer and a bored musician's world collides?
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[HIATUS] Tine is a 1st year timid yet courageous boy. Sarawat is a 3rd year popular yet rude guitarist. Due to an incident tine becomes Sarawat's slave for 6 months. Will love bloom between them in these 6 months or act like they have never met each other. All the images used in this story are not mine and belongs to the copyrighted owner.


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This book is a fan fiction for "Bright And Win." From the tittle, You can assume that this is story is based on Revenge. If you want to know the description of the story. Just click "READ" option above, After clicking that you can see introduction part and swipe that, then you can read " STORY DESCRIPTION."


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After many attempt Mr Guntithanon had finally arrange the marriage of his first son, Sarawat who just turned 40. with the only son of Mr Teepakorn. Due to some circumstances and scandalous affair no one wanted to marry the hottest looking Greek God Sarawat. Tine had turned 28 last month and already had his 3 engagement broken. He accepted the proposal and agreed to marry Sarawat only for the sake of his Father. Both children obliged to their parents wish and try to make their relationship and their marriage work. Highlights: Arrange Marriage 💛 Fluff 💛 Mpreg


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❝ When I close my eyes, it's only you in my mind ❞ mj x fem!oc f4 thailand x fem!oc February 2022 - ongoing


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Tine knew he needs to marry someone to access his mother's inheritance and open his own law firm. But what he didn't expect was the self-made & cold-blooded billionaire, Sarawat Guntithanon, standing at his door, asking Tine to marry him. What happens when Tine realises he might gain his inheritance, but lose his heart on the way? What happens when your very fake husband is too hot to handle? - Contract marriage - Enemies to lovers (sort of?) - Grumpy/sunshine - Found family - Forced proximity - Mutual Pining/ Unresolved sexual tension - Happy Ending - A little too much of smut


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Bright "Iam the devil, I dont do evil.... I punish evil" Win "Iam not an angel but I dont want to commit a sin" Mixx "I see him, I like him, I want him... I will buy him" Earth "I need money but I won't kneel in front of it" *Mafia background... *all sort of actions... *Mature- violence, language and ofcourse eventual smut Main pair- BrightWin second pair- EarthMixx third pair- poddkhaotung Others I might or might not include...


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